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Fledge Watch – Callidora Fledges! (4-8:30 pm)

Rochester Falcon Watcher:  Carol P.

As Larry O reported, we were witness to Callidora’s first fledge flight.  It wasn’t pretty but most first time Peregrine flights aren’t.  🙂

While Larry, Jeanne, Margaret and Darlene ran towards the intersection of Exchange and Broad to try to find her, I was on the phone with Jim P.  “Please move pancam down to the top of the Wilder Bldg.  Callidora just fledged and that’s where we think she landed!”  Jim quickly moved the camera and told me he could see her on the west side of the Wilder Bldg roof and she seemed to be in good shape.  Whew!

I joined the others near the Wilder bldg.  Callidora was above us, running up and down, wings flapping.

During the next few hours, more and more Watchers gathered to watch our newest fledgling.  Kathy O, Lisa McK, Dana, MAK, Jeanne, Margaret, Carla P, Joyce, Diana R, sorry if I missed anyone.

Callidora seemed content to walk and flap around the roof of the Wilder bldg while her brother Jemison took flight multiple times.  Each time joined by Archer and Beauty.  One time he made it over to the top of the Cross Rds bldg, which is just north of the Wilder bldg.  I really think he could have easily joined his sister at anytime.  He elected to keep flying with his parents, each time being returned to the Times Square bldg.

I left the other Watchers at 8:30 pm.  Archer had brought in food to Jemison at the nest box.  Both Archer & Beauty were on the Times Square bldg where they had a good view of Jemison and Callidora on the south side of the Wilder bldg.

I’m sure she’ll be perfectly safe where she is under the watchful eyes of both of her parents.  Tomorrow is another day of adventures for our young fledglings.  Stay tuned!

4 Responses to “Fledge Watch – Callidora Fledges! (4-8:30 pm)”

  1. jyamonaco Says:

    We also had a brilliant rainbow!!! (And a faint second one)!

  2. Sue Paxhia Says:

    Jemison is referred to as a male. I’m confused and must have missed something. I thought there were two females. Help!

  3. Alison in Indiana Says:

    While Jemison was banded and registered as a female, experienced watchers are convinced that the bird is actually a male and thus refer to it as such. This is not the first time this has happened here in Rochester – I remember in particular Isis who many think is actually an Osiris. However changes in the records, I have been told, are only made if the bird survives to maturity and is discovered with a mate, scrape and eggs – then we know for sure, the one who laid them is the female….

  4. Sue Paxhia Says:

    Thank you, Alison. I appreciate your explanation.

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