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Quick Report 29 June 8-9AM

Watcher: Jim P

Carol P, Jim D and I watched the falcons this morning. Archer, Beauty and Jemison were all on the Times Square bldg, with Callidora on the Four Corners bldg, which is next to the TSB on the corner of Main St. and Exchange Blvd.

Beauty & Archer both flew by Callidora trying to get her to fly back to the nest box, but she was content to stay where she was. All 4 were in sight when I left at 9. Carol took the day off so she’ll be out watching most of the day. I’ll be back downtown at lunchtime.

One Response to “Quick Report 29 June 8-9AM”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Carol, thank-you for your devoted attention to this wonderful family.

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