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Watchers Weekend – Friday 16-Jul-2010

Friday 16-Jul-2010


Morning – started with all 3 on Midtown.  Beauty flew right over Pedestrian Bridge over watchers heads.  She is molting, missing a feather on each wing…easy to ID in flight. At 7:03 AM Callidora was on base of Mercury eating, feathers flying. Beauty landed minutes later. No Archer.  Beauty under NE wing Times Square (TS). Callidora still on Mercury, food dangling from her beak. She just took off and went behind Xerox building.


AfternoonAll 3 flying over Broad St. Archer went towards jail. Beauty landed on Mercury’s foot. Callidora on the base. Beauty took off with Callidora close behind. Flying lessons began all over downtown. Callidora remained downtown. Beauty hunted over river and landed on 2nd I-beam northside of Old Changing Scenes Restaurant (OCSR), also known as First Federal Building. One falcon on Frontier Communication Tower (FCT).  At 2:48pm MAK, Brian and Ei on South Ave. garage: Callidora and Archer on Frontier Communication Tower.


Evening – 5:10pm Beauty & Callidora dining on FCT. Archer on OCSR.


Colleen T reports:

From the 15th floor of the Radisson I see one falcon (Archer?) directly across from me on the Old Changing Scenes building, preening and another on the communication tower.  I may not leave my room!  (Don’t know where to go anyway…)  Seems like I have a good spot here (and in a/c!)


Watchers gathered on South Ave garage. Archer gave a great aerial display over watcher’s heads. Then all three were spotted flying above gorge.  More watchers arrived to see Archer and Callidora flying around Xerox.  9:00 PM Beauty flew in with a huge bird in her talons.  It was so huge she was struggling!  Watchers didn’t think she would make it to the top of Xerox but she did!  Beauty & Callidora at top of Xerox.



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