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Watchers Weekend – Saturday 17-Jul-2010


Saturday 17-Jul-2010


Morning6:15 AM Callidora flying above the Xerox, Dan said all 3 were flying around there for 1/2 hour.


Colleen T reports:

The morning began with no falcons, then 2 on changing scenes.  Then Wendy and I went over to the garage looking for either watchers or falcons.  Saw neither for a while, then just a glimpse of a falcon who flew from behind OCS to behind a building.


So Wendy and I decided to go over to the pedestrian bridge (around 7:30).  Again, no watchers and no falcons…until….


We hear a bunch of little birds twittering and Wendy says “I guess I’ll just do some regular bird watching, since there are no falcons”.   I turn to see the birds she’s talking about and silhouetted against the sun is this bigger bird…”Wendy, what’s that?!”  It was Callidora!  She gave us our own private show – it was awesome!  She chased the little birds for a while (right over our heads!), did circles around the gorge (wish we had been on the observation deck – she was real low over that), stooped on a seagull, did a circle around downtown then landed on the communication tower.


A little after 8 she headed back downtown and so did we.  I can see some watchers starting to gather at the park for the breakfast (I recognize Brian, Kapi and others whose names I can’t remember).  I’ll be down there soon!


900 AM – Watchers Weekend is launched with a BANG!  Archer, Beauty and Callidora with a food exchange over the river! What a great way to start!   The Tailgate Breakfast was a success!  Everyone had fun getting a tattoo. Watchers occasionally spotted a falcon flying.  Archer landed on OCSR second I beam far left.


Afternoon  Archer still on northside OCSR.  Beauty and Callidora on FCT in the red below platform. Too hot for much activity.  Watchers take a break and head out to the Planetarium.  Due to traffic re-routing because of a parade on East Ave, all access was blocked and several didn’t make it to the shows Falcons of Toronto & Dolphins.


EveningBeauty on top I-beam southside OCSR. Archer on top I-beam near elevator shaft northside OCSR.  Beauty and Callidora soaring together. Callidora over gorge and loving being a peregrine. 8:30 PM Callidora stooped on and chased a duck down to the river. Watchers got quite the show! Woohoo! Callidora then landed on Widows Walk. At 9:00 PM two falcons were on the eastside of Xerox – one was Callidora settling in for the night.




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