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Watchers Weekend – Sunday 18-Jul-2010



Sunday 18-Jul-2010


Morning – 6:10 AM Archer and Callidora on HSBC, Callidora eating breakfast. 8:30 – Callidora and Beauty flew over river, then to jail, went behind TS and disappeared. Archer was on OCSR but also has disappeared.  Watchers began to gather again at Aqueduct Park. Callidora was on tall FCT crying. Adult was on short tower.


Afternoon – Archer & Beauty on top I-beam OCSR northside. Can hear Callidora above. Many watchers took leave and began their trip home.


Ginha reports:

Here are the pictures I took Saturday. A FUN time was had by all. I only got 2 shots of a Falcon. I leave that to the Watchers with the big lenses.








Evening – A top I-beam OCSR southside. Archer and Callidora soaring over the city, higher and higher. Nice flight lesson!  Callidora landed on base of mercury. She took off and headed towards HSBC and was spotted on the westside of HSBC…crying.


Braveheart2665 reports:

Had a fantastic time Sat. & it was great to meet all the watchers.


Dumpsterkitty reports: 

One quick story & picture before I crash (339 pictures and quite a few of them actually have falcons in them! Be a few days before I sort through it all…)


When I left the hotel this morning I saw Beauty on the SE corner of Changing scenes top I beam.  Took a couple of pictures & went on my merry way to the Broad St. Bridge and met up with Don, Suzanne & Dana.  Don asked if I had seen Archer on Changing Scenes.  I said, no, it’s Beauty.  He said, no, it’s Archer-here’s his picture.  I said I stand corrected.  He said they had switched, so I figured I had just missed it while I was walking over.  Until I looked at my pictures…


Colleen T reports: 

I had a great time, loved seeing everyone again and meeting new people.  Missed some of the flights yesterday, but saw some great family flying this morning and of course, my special Callidora show yesterday morning!  Many memories!


I just want to say thank you to all the locals.  Every year you roll out the red carpet and are the best hosts.  But after everything you do daily for the falcons and for us by posting your reports, your fabulous pictures, maps, not to mention all the work on the website and cameras…(I could go on for days!), I feel like we should be hosting you.  Instead you feed us, give us buttons, maps, tags, notepaper… and all we do is show up.  Thank you isn’t enough.  You are a very special community, welcoming and generous.   Thank you! 



Paul Hamilton reports: 

Thanks for a great time!  Between the amazing hospitality of the local Watchers, the great city of Rochester, and the falcons, all three of us had a wonderful time.  Fireworks, breakfast, companionship, and falcons — that’s all one really needs.


I’ve got about a half hour of videotape to process.  That;s going to take a while.  I also have a few still pictures of Beauty and Archer on the Old Changing Scenes restaurant that I can post now.  There is much mention on rfalconcam of the “I-beams” on Changing Scenes.  Our room at the Radisson was a great place to view Changing Scenes, so here are the I-beams, complete with falcons. 


I also added a shot of the nestbox from our room.  This is what the falcons see as they fly to the box.  After this weekend, I have a much better feel for the world of the Rochester Peregrines.  I hope that my edited videos will help people who were unable to attend to get a similar understanding.


A big, “Thank You” to all the Watchers– both local out-of-town — who made this weekend so special.










Jeanne reports:

It was so great to see everyone!!!  So glad we have these weekends!  Glad you all made it home safe! 


Carol P reports:

Thank you all for coming to Rochester to visit with Archer, Beauty and Callidora!  New birds and a new place to get acquainted with.  It was so nice seeing old and new friends that share our love of these magnificent creatures.  You all make this such a warm and friendly place to visit.


Thanks for letting us know that you’ve arrived home safely.  I hope that you’ll all be able to return next year.   Take care.


Lynne in New Hampshire reports: 

Our thanks to all the Rochester people for the hospitality that was shown to all of us!  As always we had a great time.  It was great to see everyone from out of town again.  Great people-good food-wonderful time!! And don’t forget the wonderful Falcon’s who put on a great flying show for us.  ~ Lynne and Bob


MAK reports:

It was really good to meet all the out-of-towners. I’m kinda sad that watchers weekend is over. It sure was alot of fun with everyone. I hope you all return next year and more out-of-towners who didn’t make it  can join us.  Glad to hear everyone is getting home safe and sound.


Sage reports: 

Rochester Rocks!


Roger and I met many of the fantastic Rochester falcon-watchers this weekend at the Saturday breakfast in the park. More watchers arrived after these pictures were taken. I wish they would all move to Buffalo!


Callidora was spotted bringing her breakfast to the event which she ate from a building next to the park! Later, two pefas were seen flying overhead before they disappeared behind the buildings. We hope Callidora’s brother Jemison can soon join her and give the dedicated falcon watchers a wonderful treat!


Thanks for the great time, Rochester!

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