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Watchers Weekend – Tuesday 20-Jul-2010



Tuesday 20-Jul-2010


Bonnie reports:

Loved my pilgrimage to falcon Mecca.  It was good to see a fledgling in Rochester again.  I just knew  Kid Calli would wait for us to get there to show off her newly acquired flying skills.


Pictures are coming.  And the tattoos are still on!  Hubby took a picture of one for the falcon record. I spent all day editing pictures and preparing a video.  


Video on YouTube – (only be up for a day or two).  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7ymR9hcEkE



Alternate QuickTime Video [After loading, click u]  



And here is the link to the Kodak picture file:












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One Response to “Watchers Weekend – Tuesday 20-Jul-2010”

  1. Maureen in MA Says:

    Great pictures – thank you for posting for us!

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