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Fledge Watch – An Eventful Day 7-21-10

Watcher:  MAK

Joined Dan at 5:29am.  Callidora was flying above Xerox.  She stooped across river, but never came back up.  Found Archer on 3rd I-beam north side OCSR at 7:26am.  Beauty was on bottom of FCT (Frontier Communication Tower.  Callidora just flew through over me…Man, she is a BIG girl!!

At 8:42am Callidora was on rail below Mercury.  Callidora stooped off the rail under Mercury around 9:00am. She flew directly above my head less than 20 ft. away! WOW she is gorgeous! Several times she passed over me down low up and down the river scaring all the water foul and pigeons. She went under Court St. bridge and Susan B. Anthony bridge and back to rail under Mercury. No prey was taken,too slow but it was great stuff in this watchers opinion.

Busy, busy, busy…  9:25am Callidora chasing little birds on roof of Reuters. She is being very cute. Then off to FCT.  10:09 am Callidora was kakking and she just wouldn’t stop!  An hour later she was still there, kakking every few minutes (must be hungry).

Carol P took over late afternoon around 4:00 and reported:   As it started to pour, Callidora flew in and landed on the base of the mercury statue. She picked at leftovers.  At 4:30pm Archer was on top I-beam OCSR southside, and Callidora was still at the  base of mercury statue. Callidora  flew off towards HSBC.  Beauty flew back towards me and landed on the northside of OCSR. Archer still on the southside. Archer  checked out downtown at 5:30 and returned to land on northside of OCSR.

Back for an evening watch, Archer was on rail of FCT platform north side at 7:08pm.  Callidora was below him on FCT.  No Beauty. Two very very wet falcons.  At 7:36pm Callidora flew around communication tower right over me and back on tower…KAKKING!  10 minutes later, Archer was eating in front of Calidora and she was not happy about it.   I managed to spot Beauty on FCT so I had all three there tonight. Archer left and headed east. Shortly after, Callidora left heading west. Beauty elected to stay put. That’s how I left them. heart heart  heart and 1 for Jemison heart

One Response to “Fledge Watch – An Eventful Day 7-21-10”

  1. June Says:

    Your “word pictures” are more clear and exciting than some of the videos. Thank you for taking the time to watch and most lucky for us the time to report…

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