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Fledge Watch – Friday – 7/23/10 (3:45 – 8 pm)

From watcher Carol P

It was a very rainy day in Rochester today and we were under a Thunderstorm watch until 8 pm.  The skies darkened a couple times, but thankfully it did not rain.  It was very, very warm and muggy.

I first found both Archer and Beauty sitting on the north side of the old Changing Scenes Restaurant (OCSR).  First one and then the other took off heading north down the river.  I thought I heard Callidora crying nearby, but I couldn’t see her.  I watched as Archer and Beauty skimmed along the top of the Genesee Brewery buildings, just on the other side of the river from Kodak Office.  It looked like they were hunting, trying to scare up the pigeons that roosted there.  After a few moments of this, both took off heading east.

I drove around the city looking for them without any luck.  I returned to the Andrew St. Bridge and found Archer again on the north side of OCSR.  MAK joined me and we continued the watch.  Archer took off when we weren’t looking, so MAK and I split up and searched.  After driving around again and not finding any falcons, we parked on the Broad St. Bridge.  Beauty was now sitting on the south side of the OCSR.  Archer flew in to the other side carrying prey, something very small.  Beauty flew around to join him.  Jeanne had just arrived, so I decided to check out the north side of the OCSR.

Just as I was parking my car on the Andrew St. Bridge, I heard the familiar cry of Callidora.  She was flying around and finally landed on the top I-Beam platform next to the elevator shaft.  Archer took off and landed on the base of Mercury.  Beauty was two I-Beams up from the bottom.  It was time to take a closer look.  I walked up to the OCSR and settled in to watch.  Callidora continued to cry and Archer flew back and landed on the top I-Beam further down from her.  This lasted a long time.  A&B would look at C everytime she cried, but they stayed where they were.  A quick call to the other Watchers to tell them I had all three and that they should join me.  Dan had now joined MAK and Jeanne and they decided to stay on the Broad St. Bridge.

At 8 pm, Callidora finally took off.  She vocalized quite loudly, flying past Archer.  Archer took off and both he and Callidora circled the building and headed east, towards the Xerox bldg.  For a few moments Beauty remained and then she too took off and headed east.  Since I was now falconless, it was time to head home.

MAK reported that after I left, Beauty brought food in after the sun set.  It was probably Callidora enjoying a late dinner on the base of the Mercury statue.

One Response to “Fledge Watch – Friday – 7/23/10 (3:45 – 8 pm)”

  1. DianaF Says:

    thank you Carol for a very descriptive report.
    Love that you take time to help us SEE the birds.

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