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Callidora Finally Discovers the Gorge! (Video) – 7/28/10

It was a very warm day in Rochester, NY today, high near 90 degrees (F).  After leaving work at 3:30 pm, I went in search of Callidora, Beauty and Archer.  Especially Callidora, because she hadn’t been seen that morning. 

I quickly found Archer and Beauty together on the top I-Beam, south side of the Old Changing Scenes Restaurant.  A quick drive around to the north side and there was Callidora on the top I-Beam on the north side.  Yay all three!  I decided to settle on the Andrew St. Bridge to keep an eye on Callidora.

At approximately 4:30 pm, Callidora took off flying north over my car, heading for the gorge.  I grabbed my binoculars and saw that the brewery pigeons were up! and Callidora was calmly flying in their midst.  I jumped into my car and got myself over to the east end of the pedestrian bridge as quickly as I could.  I was so afraid that I would miss her!

I parked my car, grabbed my camera and binoculars and made my way out onto the pedestrian bridge.  Callidora was still flying above the Genesee Brewery, but she was heading north, down the river.  Drats!  Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait very long for her return.  For about 15 mins, she entertained me, chasing pigeons, diving on gulls, swooping down the gorge wall, over Skye’s bldg.  It was just like it used to be with Mariah and Kaver’s fledglings.  This is what I had been waiting for.  I quickly texted out that she was in the gorge, but no one was able to join me.  Here’s just a little bit of what I saw.


Callidora eventually headed back towards the city (south), flying over the river and the buildings along the way.  She chased pigeons and anything else that flew into her path.  Eventually she landed very low on the Frontier communication tower. 

Later in the evening, I was joined by MAK, Dana and Lou.  Before it started to rain, we had the pleasure of watching Callidora, Beauty and Archer flying together over Midtown, HSBC and Xerox.  Callidora was very vocal as she chased her parents around the area.  Just as it started to rain heavily, all three left the area, heading west.

I said my goodbyes and did a quick check of the area on the way home.  I found one falcon on the top I-beam of the old Changing Scenes Restaurant, south side. 

I’m so glad that Callidora finally discovered the wonders of the gorge that so many fledglings before her enjoyed.  I really hope it won’t be her last visit and that other Watchers will be able to see her gracefully fly above the High Falls.

5 Responses to “Callidora Finally Discovers the Gorge! (Video) – 7/28/10”

  1. Joyce Says:

    Callidora is now a full-fledged juvie. She is starting to explore on her own. Since Archer & Beauty started later in the season, lets hope that Callidora will continue to grace us with her presence for another 2 weeks…especially a few trips to the gorge. Carol – So glad you have video capabilities so we can enjoy her flying even though not in person. Thanks for the treat!

  2. Maureen in MA Says:

    Great to “see” her flying through your video – thank you! 🙂

  3. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Now I need no longer imagine it, but have seen the sights and some of the most important players in person. It was great to be with you on the 25th.

  4. Carol P. Says:

    It was great seeing you Alison! I’m really glad you were able to visit Rochester after all your years of watching on the internet. Hope you’re able to come back again soon. 🙂

  5. foxy Says:

    i hope jamie is able to reunite with her family i hear shes doing well and hope it continues

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