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1  Member Activities / Pets / Re: Cannine Flu and Coughing on: 04-Sep-09, 12:51:10 am
My dogs are always vaccinated against kennel flu, even they´ve never been in a kennel. That flu is very common here, so my vet gave me the advice to vaccinate them every fall. It is easy bcs the vaccine is administrate as drops in the nose.


My kennel requires that my dog get the kennel cough vaccination every 6 months.  The vaccine they are using here now is an injection, instead of the nose drops that were a concern because we did not know how much actually got in.

Lyn from Lynden WA
2  Member Activities / Pets / Re: Cannine Flu and Coughing on: 22-Aug-09, 06:16:31 pm
No, we didn't get a dog (I'm yowling to encourage Rich to give in to another cat - still carrying the torch for Bart!).  A friend has a yellow lab, 2-years old, already has spent $$$$ for the hips (member of the family, hence no other option with 2 little kids), and now Chester (you Marines will know who Chesty was named after) has the flu and big time coughing.  Vet has Chesty on anti-biotics, so he will get better.   dogwag

My question for all of you dog people (Dawn and Joyce in particular, with 2 dogs in the same age bracket) is what can you give them to calm the cough?  I know that we did something many years ago when Jasmine got a cold (can't remember and I know that cats and dogs ARE different).  The risk for a big dog like Chester is that he could cough so hard that he could do damage to his ribs or lungs.  Any suggestions? kittykiss   eyecat (love the EyeCat). 

When my dog was at the kennel about 13 years ago, they had an outbreak of kennel cough.   The kennel owner said that my little one had a slight cough and if it seemed to bother her, give her the Robitussin DM.  I remember it after all these years because she said it stands for 'dog medicine'.  They might check with the vet about suitability and dosage.

Lyn from Lynden, WA
3  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: I saved Robot City on: 17-Aug-09, 08:10:16 pm
You have to restore power by plugging in the generator. You do this by clicking on the circled items and solving simple geometric puzzles.

I figured that out...but I think I got too impatient. hyper

Here's a hint for the first puzzle. Look into the telescope. Notice the pattern of the lights on the far controller? Hmmm. I wonder if that pattern has anything to do with the lights on the controller to the left? Hmmm.


Yup, that took me a while but I got it. hurt

I even noticed the pattern on the contoller in the circle with the dotted lines.  I got frustrated tickedoff not making a connection.  I'll try it again when I am more relaxed. happy
After almost giving up three times!! I saw the 'walkthrough' link near the top right.  It actually tells you what you need to do - what a novel idea!

Lyn from Lynden, WA
4  Member Activities / Pets / Re: Falcon Watcher's Pets on: 07-Aug-09, 01:14:57 pm
Here is my Trixie - cockapoo, now almost 14 years old


Lyn, I never heard of a "cockapoo" and I looked for it on the internet.  I understand that it is a crossing from a Spaniel and a poodle. Very logical name, very nice dog!
greetings Aafke

Yes my girl is mostly Cocker (her father was a black-and-tan spaniel) and very little poo (mother was a gray poodle and that made her smaller than most spaniels).

I did not know how to do the 'quote' until you did it and I wanted to answer.  Thanks!

Lyn from Lynden, WA
5  Member Activities / Puzzles / Re: Mariah Puzzle on: 03-Aug-09, 02:48:57 pm
I had the same problem with the first link but the second worked like a charm.  I was worried that there was something that was going to block me from your wonderful puzzles!


Lyn from Lynden, WA
6  Member Activities / Pets / Re: Falcon Watcher's Pets on: 01-Aug-09, 01:25:31 pm
Here is my Trixie - cockapoo, now almost 14 years old


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