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Author Topic: Millie Finds a New Home, Family in Michigan  (Read 13396 times)
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« Reply #15 on: 18-Jun-10, 10:06:27 PM »

Very sad news I've just read on CMNH - Leopold has passed away and 3 of he and Millie's chicks are in rehab ...she's having a hard time but sounds like the people there are helping her out and being supportive.

Here is the link to the news postings:

 Shocked Sad heart

That is sad...poor MIllie, (Freedoms's Daughter). Hope they all  do well. Poor Leopold. He was 15.  Sad heart


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« Reply #16 on: 19-Jun-10, 03:08:14 PM »

It is very sad to lose Leopold, one of the iconic tiercels. Last year we lost the other venerable tiercel named Leopold, and now we have lost both of them.

I hope Millie will be able to care for the chicks successfully on her own. I think returning them to her in shifts is a good idea.

Leopold was a very handsome tiercel, and very successful, having raised 33 chicks over the years.
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