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Live Video & New Camera Page In Time For Hatching!


Year after year we’ve been asked why we didn’t provide a live video feed from the Rochester Falconcam. There were a variety of financial and technical issues that kept us from offering video, and frankly we’ve preferred to concentrate on offering the highest quality still images available on any nature-oriented webcam site. But thanks to recent advances in Internet technology, it’s now possible to provide live video “webcasts” at little to no cost, and without needing to maintain expensive streaming video servers and dedicated network connections.

Thanks to these improvements we’re finally able to offer live streaming video along with the high-quality still images you’ve come to expect. So just in time for hatching to begin, we’re very happy to announce the opening of the Rochester Falconcam Live Video Stream!

rfc-stream-menuSimply go to the Rochester Falconcam, click Cameras at the top of the page, then choose Streaming Video. You may need to wait a few seconds for the video stream to appear. Just click the rfc-vid-stream-play-btn button at the bottom of the screen to start playing the live webcast.

Now you can see and hear what’s going on in the nest box day in and day out, 24/7. And if you can’t watch all the time, don’t worry. When we see something especially interesting, we’ll record it and post it on the Rochester Falconcam channel at YouTube.

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We’ve also improved our Camera layout on the website. Now you can see all of the camera images on a single page. Click the Cameras link at the top of the page and you’ll find a new item on the menu called View All Cameras. The new view might not work with all Internet browsing software though, so we’ve left the Main Camera and Multi Camera pages in place.

Watching these magnificent birds in real time allows you to view a whole new side of Peregrine behavior that you may never have seen before. Go ahead and try it out! We think you’ll like what you see.

10 Responses to “Live Video & New Camera Page In Time For Hatching!”

  1. margaret Says:

    WOW! Thank you so much! It will be wonderful to see the actual hatching and growth of the new falcons. This is such good news! Thank you!

  2. Barbara (WA) Says:

    I have been wishing that RFC had a live stream ever since watching many other nests live, hearing the sounds, seeing the action. Thank you to all who made this possible !!!

  3. Shaky Says:

    I’m disappointed with what I’m hearing. I always imaged Archer to sound like Henery Hawk and Beauty to sound like Aunt Bee.

  4. Ashira Says:

    COOL! 8D

  5. Maureen in MA Says:

    Thank you for the the great streaming video!! Your hard work and dedication is GREATLY appreciated, as always!! 😀

  6. kinderkids Says:

    This is awesome! And just in time for hatching! Thank you to all who made this possible. It truly adds to the experience.

  7. Alison Says:

    Hooray for the technological advances that made this possible after so many years of yearning for it! Thanks to the techies who implemented it. And, of course, some more thanks go to the Falcons Watchers who tell us Bathrobe Brigaders what is happening off camera.

  8. Debbie H. Says:

    This is soooooo exciting!! Thanks to all for your wonderful efforts!!

  9. Luana Rossbach Says:

    Great! Pittsburgh’s peregrine people have streaming video new this year at both the Cathedral of Learning (home of Beauty) and the Gulf Tower nest sites. It has been fun watching the eyases at the Cathedral as they get bigger, and LOUDER! The ones at the Gulf building are newly hatched, about 1 week old, so are still being kept snuggly under the parents.

  10. beth Says:

    I love all your camera shots but was wondering about camera 4. when it is empty, the other cameras show activity. Are there 2 next boxes? thanks

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