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Quest Returns to Pickering Power Plant

Quest travels 13-20 September

Quest’s westward move proved to be short-lived. She has returned to Pickering, with the vast majority of her September data clustered in the area immediately around the Pickering Power Generating station. We assume her male friend is still accompanying her.

Since Quest seems to be settling in, we’re hoping that someone at the plant or birders in the area will be able to get a look at where she might be nesting. If we have any readers in the Pickering/Ajax/Tornoto area, it looks like you’re almost guaranteed to be able to spot Quest near the power station these days. If you do, send us a note to let us know what she’s doing.

2 Responses to “Quest Returns to Pickering Power Plant”

  1. Donna Says:

    A note or a pic! Could be her future home. Thanks.

  2. Melissa in MA Says:

    YEAH! An update! So relieved and happy to see she is out there continuing to do well. I hope there are some followers up in that area that could get a picture of her.

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