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Pickering Nuclear Staff On Quest Lookout

It turns out there are some falcon fans at the Pickering Nuclear generating station. We recently received word from Margo Sloan, the Biodiversity Program Coordinator, that they’re aware of Quest’s presence at the plant. Margo writes:

…I am aware of a few staff who are avid wildlife photographers. I will be sure to let them know about Quest and see if we can get some pictures of her.

At Pickering Nuclear we have an active biodiversity program and strive to improve habitat and biodiversity in the area. We are very excited to see peregrines here. Alex Robertson Park and Hydro Marsh,
immediately adjacent the station, are part of the Pickering Nuclear property and a large focus of our biodiversity program. We also work with numerous community partners and have been in contact with the
Canadian Peregrine Foundation. We hope that with their assistance wecan be sure that Quest chooses an appropriate nesting site if she decides to remain in Pickering.

I’ll be watching for Quest at the station and tracking her on the internet. I’ll be sure to pass along any photographs if I can get some.

We’re grateful to learn that Margo and the rest of the staff at the Pickering Nuclear plant are on the case. Check back here at Imprints for any pictures or reports that we receive.

6 Responses to “Pickering Nuclear Staff On Quest Lookout”

  1. Donna Says:

    Awesome news! Can’t wait…thanks!

  2. Maureen in MA Says:

    Yes, awesome news!! I too can’t wait!! 😀

  3. Melissa in MA Says:

    Wow, Quest has fans over the river!! What wonderful news, I hope one of their wildlife photographers is able to get a current picture of this Peregrine we have been following for so long……good luck folks out at Pickering!! 🙂

  4. Joyce Says:

    With all of the trips to find Quest…still no pictures of her since Cape Cod. Thank you Pickering folks for keeping eye out for Quest. Can’t wait to see what she looks like as an adult. We have some great photos of her sibling Seneca. It will be interesting to see if they look alike.

    So glad CPF is involved too. If Quest and her mate decide to nest there, maybe the Pickering folks would consider a webcam if a nest is installed, since it is so difficult to get a view of her from outside the property.

  5. Barb Says:

    That would be so cool if you could get a picture of her. I’m beginning to think she is invisible lol. Pickering folk Thank you for looking out for our girl. Nice to know she has found a spot where people care.

  6. Shaky Says:

    Quest is not invisible. Both days we we there, we saw her near a platform on the north side of what I believe is the vacuum building — a flat-roofed cylindrical building on the south side of the plant. Unfortunately, the closest we could get was the bike path across the road from the plant, which was about 2000 feet (600m) north of the vacuum building. Anyone with access to the plant could get a lot closer.

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