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Beauty Update – 2/16/12

Update on Beauty from Barbara Loucks, NYS DEC

The peregrine is doing pretty well, and still eating on its own.

The blood work reveals that the kidneys are showing some effects of possible dehydration, which needs to be looked into further. They are repeating the blood work on Monday and we should know more after those results come in.

12 Responses to “Beauty Update – 2/16/12”

  1. susan Says:

    thanks so much for the updates Barbara, it means a lot.

  2. Shirley Says:

    We are all rooting for you Beauty…. Your a strong bird from a lineage of strong birds… Get well quickly so you can go back into the skies where you belong……Thank you Barb for keeping us informed of what is going on with our girl…..

  3. Maureen in MA Says:

    Thank you for keeping us posted on Beauty’s progress. Continued positive thoughts!!

  4. Mudjie Says:

    Thank you for the update on Beauty.. We are sending her healing thoughts.

  5. Ginny Says:

    Thank you for the update on our girl….
    We are all pulling for her….

  6. Braveheart2665 Says:

    Thanks for update
    Brave & strong she is

  7. margaret Says:

    Thank you to Barbara Loucks and the DEC, AND to rfalconcam (all of you) who keep us updated on all of “our” falcons. They are wild, and we are “domesticated” but we follow them as if they were “ours” although they are not. It is a privilege to peek in on their lives, and all of us are keeping Beauty in our thoughts and prayers, as we forever keep Mariah and Kaver, and all of their Rochester offspring in our thoughts and prayers. Thank goodness for Rhea Mae and traveling Quest!
    Light a candle for Beauty and all of our falcons tonight.

  8. Alison Says:

    “They are wild, and we are ‘domesticated'”
    I particularly like this sentiment, margaret.
    Has anyone seen anyone in the nest box?

  9. Dumpsterkitty Says:

    Yes, Alison-lots of nest box action today. This time it was Unity (99.999% sure-still can’t read the number on her VID band-we have black ?/red H left leg & purple band right leg. I think the number is yucked with leftovers).

  10. margaret Says:

    I hate to ask, but has anyone heard of an update on Beauty? This usurption of the nest box is hard.
    I know it is nature’s way, but after the take-down of the Kodak Tower NB, and the loss of M and K, it was good to see Beauty and Archer in the NB in 2010 and their two young ones. The “drama” of last summer with Archer and Unity and Beauty, and now the battle and injury to Beauty along with the loss of Callidora is doubly hard.
    My brain is tellling me it is “survival of the species” and Unity will now reign and raise her young, but my heart is saying “what about Beauty and Archer and Mr T?”
    I know Mr. T is unbanded, but Archer is banded? Is that correct? Need a score card again.

  11. Maureen in MA Says:

    Anything new on Beauty’s progress? Thank you in advance! 🙂

  12. Carol P. Says:

    No update from the DEC yet. Hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

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