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Four Eggs for the Rochester Peregrine Falcons Beauty & Dot.ca! – 4/23/13

4 Eggs for Beauty and Dot.ca 4/23/13

This morning at 9:37 am, Beauty laid her 4th egg in the nest box on top of the Times Square Bldg in Rochester, NY.

Beauty Lays Her 4th Egg at 9:37 am on 4/23/13

Dot.ca, the tiercel (male), brought food to Beauty this afternoon and took his turn on the eggs.

Dot.ca takes his turn on the eggs after bringing food to Beauty 4/23/13

Peregrines won’t begin incubating the eggs, or brooding, right away. Believe it or not, that’s perfectly normal for Peregrines. She’ll begin brooding when the next to last egg is laid, so when she starts, we can be pretty sure we know how many eggs she’ll lay– just add one to the current number. Before then, she’ll mostly leave the eggs uncovered. Don’t worry though– Peregrine eggs can survive just fine unless the temperature drops below freezing. If that happens, she’ll sit on the eggs just to keep them warm enough to stay viable.

Beauty and Dot.ca began brooding after the 3rd egg was laid, so chances are, this will be the last egg this year.

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2 Responses to “Four Eggs for the Rochester Peregrine Falcons Beauty & Dot.ca! – 4/23/13”

  1. Moserod Says:

    is Dot Ca still with Piggot (the other falcon, in case I got the name wrong)?

  2. Carol P. Says:

    Yes, Moserod. Dot.ca is still being seen at both locations, sharing time with Pigott and Beauty. You should check out the Falcon Watch reports under the Blog section. You can read all about what the Rochester Falcon Watchers are seeing. 🙂

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