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Offspring Update: Ihteram Found Again!

Good News! Ihteram, daughter of Mariah and Kaver from 2005, has been found again after an absence of five years.

Here is a link to the April 14, 2008 Imprints posted when Ihteram was found nesting at historic St. Joseph Catholic Church in Detroit, Michigan with her mate, an unbanded tiercel (male).

There was very little news posted about Ihteram and her mate, so we lost track of them.

Now, we are very happy to report that five years later, Ihteram has again been positively identified.

Rochester Falcon Watcher Joyce Miller had been corresponding with Barb Baldinger of the Macomb Audubon in Michigan. She is a volunteer who helps monitor the Peregrine Falcon nest sites in Michigan. Barb told Joyce that there was a new nest site in Detroit and the female was banded, *2/R (black/red). Joyce immediately recognized the band numbers as one of our own, Ihteram. She notified Barb with the good news.

Ihteram and her mate have established a new nest site in downtown Detroit (MI) on the roof of a skyscraper. The nest has 4 eggs in a partially protected corner. If all goes well, there will be some new additions to the Rochester falcon family.

Many thanks to Joyce and Barb for sharing this wonderful news! Stay tuned. Hopefully there will be more news to share soon.

Here is a picture of Ihteram that Barb took yesterday (May 20, 2013). She attempted to get a picture of the tiercel, but he took off before she could take it.

Ihteram, by Barb Baldinger 5-20-2013 11-42-44 AM

Photo courtesy of Barb Baldinger, Macomb Audubon

Also, a couple pictures taken, one by Marcia Lyman and one by Louis Capuano of Ihteram after she fledged.

Ihteram Marcia Lyman 7-9-05

Ihteram 2005 Lou Capuano

16 Responses to “Offspring Update: Ihteram Found Again!”

  1. Donna Says:

    I’m so excited to hear this news!! Thank you so much Joyce and Barb, she looks great!!

  2. Kris G. Says:

    This is so exciting! I wasn’t following the Falcons in 2005 and didn’t become aware of Ihteram until she was seen in Detroit in 2008 when I took an interest in her. I was disappointed the next year when the church boarded up the area where Ihteram and her mate had attempted to nest that previous year. I have frequently checked the Michigan site since then to see if there were any sightings of her again but there weren’t so this is wonderful news to hear that she’s doing well and eggspecting! Thanks, Joyce!

  3. Kapi Reith Says:

    That was my first year of falcon watching!

  4. patsy6 Says:

    Wonderful news! It’s really fascinating to hear about all the Rochester offspring.

  5. Pam B Says:

    So excited by this news, since Detroit is in my neck of the woods!

  6. dale Says:

    my first year, too, Kapi…they hold a special place. Great news!

  7. Sue (Bess) Says:

    This is awesome! Ihteram is one of my (many) favorites, and I’m so happy she’s healthy and thriving!!! Thanks so much for sharing this news!

  8. Kathy Says:

    Such wonderful news!!!!
    M&K forever!

  9. bev. Says:

    always great news to hear of one of M and K
    such great peregirnes

  10. Paul Hamilton Says:

    Thanks Joyce and Barb! I have great memories of spending an hour with Ihteram perched on a bridge girder about 20 feet from where I was sitting. Glad to hear she is still doing well.

  11. Jim P Says:

    Glad to see she’s been located again, and still fairly close to where we left her! She looks great, just like her momma.

  12. Carol P. Says:

    This is such awesome news!

  13. Marcia L. Says:

    It’s great to see her again! Hope Allison (formerly in Austria, now Indiana I think?), who named Ihteram, sees this Imprints post.

  14. Lu Ann Says:

    I agree, she looks like her momma!

  15. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Hi Marcia L. I have just found out about this and as the “Godmother”, I am just thrilled. One worries when the falcons disappear that they have not survived the rigors of city life. I hope, for the entire species, that these four eggs are not her first.

  16. Carol P. Says:

    There you are Alison! This is great news. 🙂

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