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Fledge Watch- Liza Otto- Wednesday, June 27, 6:30-9:30pm

It was a hot and very windy night…and I knew there would be a change in the weather soon, as I struggled with a sinus headache. At first glance, there was a very quiet visitor lot and lots of parking. I was nervous that I would be the lone watcher but of course not! This Rochester crowd is way too dedicated and I located Susan, Joyce and Marianne on the sidewalk walking towards the bridge. We could not spot or hear any falcon action, so we looked around at all of the favorite spots. We were half way down the bridge and we heard a familiar kakking sound from the Kodak Tower. We walked at a fair clip, to see what was going on. There was a lot of flying around the tower by three falcons; we were able to identify them as on adult and 2 juvies. We did not see any food, just chasing!

Mariah and her heirs were then all accounted for on the tower. Mom on the cupola, children were dispersed on the SE 19th, play pen railing and two in the playpen. At 7:53Mariah then flew off to the south with tremendous speed. She reappeared about 15 minutes later and was, of coursed welcomed by kakking and one Juvie chasing her in the hopes of a meal. By now we had many watchers out, Shaky, Diana, Marcia, Kathy, Erma, Leon, Ed and Carla and Keisha (NEWBIES)…were all lined up waiting for more action!

Mariah had no food and took off for the south again. When Mariah left for parts south, someone identified the Juvie that had been chasing her as Sacajawea. She then landed on a camera support. This tease from Mariah was repeated again at about 8:30, still no food in the equation!

At 8:39, Mariah flew out towards the gorge with a Juvie in tow. There was some flying and a few comical missed landings, but the 4 gals flew back and forth between the stacks and the High Falls office building. I actually misidentified a juvenile as an adult because they are gliding so proficiently. At 9:02, we were all wondering if these falcons would go to bed. While they are adept at flying, they like to keep us out late! They were all accounted for but not all at the tower on was still out on the High Falls Stack, and one was on the High Falls Office roof, Mariah was on the gorge side of the stack.

Debbie from Colorado joined us; she was dying to come down all day as she follows the rfalconcam! Then FINALLY at 9:23, all 4 juveniles back on different spots on the tower. ..As for Kaver, well he was just not around tonight!

One Response to “Fledge Watch- Liza Otto- Wednesday, June 27, 6:30-9:30pm”

  1. Bill Brewer Says:

    Thanks for the great report.
    I saw the three falcons circling the tower from the City Council Chambers windows just before the start of the 7:00 P.M. meeting on the plans to replace the Cobbs Hill and Highland Park reservoirs with covered storage tanks.

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