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Rochester Falcons Banding Day 2016 – May 24, 2016

This morning, at approximately 10:30 am, our friends from the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) arrived to band the four eyases in the nest box on top of the beautiful Times Square Building. All involved gathered in an office on the top floor. Assignments were handed out and it was soon time to collect the eyases.

The extraction went very well. Both Beauty and Dot.ca were flying overhead, back and forth.

#2 Banding Day 2016 Falcon FlyBy 5-24-16#3 Banding Day 2016 Falcon FlyBy 5-24-16

All four eyases were put into separate buckets.

#11 Banding Day 2016 Matilda in Bucket 5-24-16#4 Banding Day 2016 Eyas in a Bucket Aria 5-24-16
#9 Banding Day 2016 Lilac in Bucket 5-24-16#5 Banding Day 2016 Hello Leo 5-24-16

They were carried down to the room where all the banding equipment was set up.

#1 Banding Day 2016 Set up 5-24-16

Each eyas was given two bands, a silver USFW (US Fish and Wildlife) band and a New York State Band. Three of the silver USFW bands was covered with colored tape, red, blue and yellow. The fourth one was left uncovered by tape. This will help the Rochester Falcon Watchers to more easily identify the young falcons after they have fledged (taken their first flights).

They also received their new names. Please join us in welcoming this year’s newest Rochester Falcons.

Matilda (Female) – (Battle Maiden) of Gothic derivation, derived from words corresponding to Old High German “mahta” (meaning “might, strength”) and “hildr” (meaning “battle”)

This name was chosen by Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK (Margaret Kurtz)

Black 84 Over Green BA – Red Tape over USFW

#6 Banding Day 2016 Welcome Matilda 5-24-16

Aria (Female) – Aria, which means wind and, in some meanings, bird.

This name was chosen by Rochester Falcon Watcher Jeanne Yamonaco

Black 85 Over Green BA – Blue Tape over USFW

#7 Banding Day 2016 Welcome Aria 5-24-16

Lilac (Female) – for Rochester’s signature flower. Rochester’s most beautiful flower is paired with Rochester’s most beautiful birds.

Name Submitted by Susan Stifter of Rochester; J.R. of Scottsville, NY; and Melissa Slaughter.

Black 86 Over Green BA – Yellow Tape over USFW

#8 Banding Day 2016 Hello Lilac 5-24-16

Leo (Male) – the lion. Fifth sign of the zodiac, personalities are strong and created to shine. Also a constellation.

Name chosen by Peggy Quinn’s 4th Grade Class at Pine Brook Elementary School, Greece, NY.

Black 22 Over Green BA – No Tape over USFW

#10 Banding Day 2016 Hello Leo 5-24-16

After all the eyases were banded, they were quickly returned to the nest box and the care of their parents.

#12 Banding Day 2016 Back you Go 5-24-16

Both Beauty and Dot.ca continued to fly overhead as the eyases were returned.

#14 Banding Day 2016 Beauty After 5-24-16#16 Banding Day 2016 B&DC Together After 5-24-16

Each year, the DEC will collect all the debris in the nest box. This will help them to determine what the falcons are eating.

#13 Banding Day 2016 Bucket O Bits 5-24-16

The banding went very smoothly and we here at Rfalconcam and the Genesee Valley Audubon would like to give special thanks to the folks from the DEC. We so appreciate them for all they do! Thank you!

2 Responses to “Rochester Falcons Banding Day 2016 – May 24, 2016”

  1. Guru Says:

    From one Leo to another, LOL, well done DEC, Times Square staffers and of course, the faithful watch crew!! BRAVO!

  2. Sue (Bess) Says:

    I want to add my gratitude to a group of such special people. Thank you very much for the reports and the photos of “our” beautiful new additions! And I’m also grateful for the cameras!

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