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Good News! Genesee from 2015 has been Spotted! 6/30/16

2016 Genesee Collage by Dana

We wanted to share this good news with all our falcon fans. Especially those that watched our cameras in 2015. Remember Genesee? Well he’s been spotted north of Rochester on a cell tower. Rochester Falcon Watcher Dana first spotted him a week ago, but could not get a positive ID. He was back on Sunday and watchers Carol and Joyce joined her to try to get an ID.

Dana finally was able to get a picture showing his bands and Carol verified through her scope.

2016 Genesee 24 over BA by Dana2016 Genesee 24 over BA by Dana

We are always happy to see one of our young ones doing so well a year after they fledge. Here is a picture showing Genesee as he took his first flight from the Times Square Bldg.

Genesee Fledges 6-16-15 by Carol P.

More pictures of Genesee from 2015!

Banding Day Genesee 5-29-15 by Carol PBeauty and Genesee on Irving Place OCH 7-1-15 by Carol P.Cadence (L) and Genesee (R) on Monroe Cty Bldg 7-18-15 by Carol P.

If we get any more pictures of Genesee, we will post them here.

13 Responses to “Good News! Genesee from 2015 has been Spotted! 6/30/16”

  1. patsy6 Says:

    Hurray!!!! I had a strong feeling that Genesee was still around, as I think I expressed to a couple of the watchers recently. He seemed to love this area. And yes, last fall he was the kid they couldn’t get rid of, the one who didn’t have a job and wanted to live in his parents’ basement.

  2. Kris G. Says:

    I’ve been thinking about Genesee a lot lately, wondering if he’d ever be seen again..great news this AM!

  3. Margaret Kurtz Says:

    Fabulous news! 🙂

  4. philip ferrara Says:

    my wife, Susan, has been observing a falcon in Highland Park. I believe it is an immature bird, and is possibly injured. Perches in low branches, on a stump, and she’s able to get fairly close. Been happening the past few days.

  5. Donna Says:

    Philip, most likely not a Falcon, maybe a Hawk but in either case, if it is an injured raptor, you need to call someone about it. Call your local vet for info!

  6. Donna Says:

    Hooray for Genesee, yup, the one who never wanted to leave but got the boot anyway!!

  7. Shaky Says:

    Philip, I have passed your observation on to June Summers of GVAS.

  8. Carol P. Says:

    Hi Philip! Can you get a picture of the bird you are seeing and send it to us?

  9. Carol P. Says:

    Hi again Philip. If you can give us a better idea of where you are seeing it, June Summers will attempt to check it out for you.

  10. kathy Says:

    Yay! What fabulous news!!

  11. Lynne Heroux Says:

    Love it when we get to see one of the “kids” after they’ve gone !!

  12. Joyce Says:

    Great compilatiion of pics, Dana. I can see the 24, B, A in different photos. Unfortunately, I didn’t come close to an ID. That’s Genesee for sure, and you can definitely see Beauty in that portrait. G has B’s looks. So glad I had the opportunity to see him again.

  13. betty capuano Says:

    love all the pic’s we don’t get to see them much anymore.since they are now flying out and about
    getting to know their new surroundings. they love flying around bopping from one area to another.
    i love that they they are so close and stick together. close knit family. love it. thanks again*****

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