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The 3rd Eyas Arrived Earlier This Afternoon! 5/2/20

Sometimes it’s really hard to tell when a hatch occurs. Beauty is really good at covering her young ones and keeping them warm. A big clue is when a shell pops out from underneath her. This happened at approximately 1:40 pm.

Thankfully, our cameras were able to catch the hatch happening at 1:23 pm.

3rd Hatch at 1:23 pm.

It wasn’t long before Dot.ca brought in food and both he and Beauty fed the two older eyases. The newly hatched eyas was a little too young for its first meal.

3rd Eyas
3rd Eyas

Hopefully the 4th egg will hatch soon. Be sure to keep watching!

Waiting for the last egg to hatch.

One Response to “The 3rd Eyas Arrived Earlier This Afternoon! 5/2/20”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Well, that was fast (as it should be). the fourth was just a few hours after this post:-)

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