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Beauty and Dot.ca’s 3rd Egg Arrived Early This Afternoon!

Beauty Lays Her 3rd Egg at 1:06 pm

Rochester Falcon Beauty laid her 3rd egg at 1:06 pm this afternoon. She left shortly after laying it and Dot.ca arrived to check out the new arrival. Hard incubation will usually start after the 2nd to last egg is laid.

If she lays a 4th egg, it should be on 4/7 at approximately 10:00 pm (using her average of 57 hours between eggs).

Rochester Falcon Watchers have been downtown watching for the intruder. So far it’s been quiet. Some on-line watchers have posted that Beauty has been agitated and flown off in a hurry. Migration is happening right now and many raptors have been moving through the area. Beauty and Dot.ca will defend their territory and chase off any birds that come too close. We’re hoping that the intruder has moved on, but we’ll keep watching.

Beauty with Three Eggs
Dot.ca Takes His Turn on the Eggs

One Response to “Beauty and Dot.ca’s 3rd Egg Arrived Early This Afternoon!”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    55 hours after the second egg. A touch early, but making up for lost time, I guess.

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