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First Hatch for Rochester Falcons Beauty & Dot.ca!

Our first eyas arrived at approximately 9:19 pm this evening (5/10/21). Beauty has been very protective of her new arrival and has yet to allow our cameras to catch a picture of the little one. We’ll share pictures when they are available.

Hopefully Beauty will give us a glimpse of her young one soon!

Here’s a picture from earlier showing a pip (small hole) in the egg. You can see the eyases beak!

One Response to “First Hatch for Rochester Falcons Beauty & Dot.ca!”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    It was an exciting night and the first in all these years that I have been able to spend with the Bathrobe Brigade. Pictures posted this morning indicate that the hatching process may be all over by this time tomorrow. Thank-you to all the faithful and technically adept watchers.

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