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Eyas (Baby Falcon) Photo Album – Week 1 (5/10-5/16/21)

We’ll be posting pics of the Rochester Falcons and their eyases here in a weekly photo album. This will be a great way to see their progress and how quickly they grow! Enjoy!!!

5/10/21 – 4 Eggs, 1 with a pip and 1 infertile (right egg)
The infertile egg may have been caused by the stress when an intruder attempted to take over Beauty and Dot.ca’s territory.
5/11/21 – First Feeding for First Eyas
Dot.ca brought in a small 1st meal for the eyas at 3:30 am. Beauty fed the eyas and will control most of the feedings until the eyases are a little larger.
5/11/21 – Eyas Using an unhatched egg as a pillow 🙂
That little bit of of red in the scrape is leftovers from the first breakfast.
5/11/21 – Dot.ca gets a little alone time with the eyas
The unfertilized egg is still in the nest box. You can see the crack at the top of the egg. Eventually, they will dispose of it.
5/11/21 – 2nd Eyas Arrived at 1:45 pm just after Dot.ca arrived with food
5/12/21 – Beauty Feeding the two eyases
5/12/21 – Keeping the eyases safe and warm
5/12/21 – Dot.ca lends a wing to shade the eyases
5/12/21 – Peregrine Falcons are aerial hunters
Beauty will mostly hunt pigeons, Dot.ca, being smaller, will bring in starlings and other smaller prey. This is possibly a shore bird from the river, or maybe one migrating through the area.
5/13/21 – Beauty allowed Dot.ca to feed the eyases by himself for the first time
5/13/21 – Dot.ca watches Beauty feed from the corner of the platform
5/14/21 – Tandem feed
The eyases are getting bigger and stronger. It’s not looking good for the remaining egg.

3 Responses to “Eyas (Baby Falcon) Photo Album – Week 1 (5/10-5/16/21)”

  1. Karen Says:

    Woo hoo! Here’s to another great year!

  2. Lynne Heroux Says:

    Great idea!! Thank you!!

  3. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Perfectly happy with two eyases after all the stress during laying this year.

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