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The Loss of Our Beauty

It is with a very heavy heart that we must report that Beauty has passed away overnight. Last night she laid down on the platform in front of the Powers nest box, by early morning, she died.

Beauty was 15 years old, which is a very long life for a Peregrine Falcon in the wild. She raised many young over her years in Rochester, NY.

Her long time mate Dot.ca did not return this year. No battles were witnessed, so we may never know what happened to him.

UT, an unbanded tiercel, arrived and both he and Beauty bonded and were seen together over the past couple months.

We were very hopeful that Beauty would raise a family this year.

The DEC will be notified. If we learn anything, we will let you know.

11 Responses to “The Loss of Our Beauty”

  1. Freda Peisley Says:

    I am so sad, I loved Beauty and Dot.Ca and enjoyed all the babies. What a great life she had,

  2. Diana Gardner Robinson Says:

    Devastated! I wonder if she was “eggbound.”

    This will be the first year in a very, very long time that Rochester has not watched in wonder as eggs were laid, brooded, and hatched, juvies grew, fledged and took off, mostly to places unknown.

    And this year it will not happen.

    I got that empty feeling…

  3. Lori F Says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. I have watched “The Beautiful One” on camera for many years. My heart breaks for all of the falcon watchers downtown and on the site who gave us updates and reports. I am so sorry. Rest in peace Beauty. You will be missed and forever in our hearts. šŸ’”

  4. Alison in Indiana Says:

    While Beauty expired at about 12:55 this morning and her body was retrieved by DEC mid-morning, a new unbanded female falcon has appeared on the scene.
    Long time watchers are reminded of the time Unity was killed and Beauty took on scrape and tiercel. There may yet be eggs and eyases.
    Keep watching.

  5. Elizabeth R. Austin Says:

    I remember Beauty’s arrival in our lives and all of the winters she remained ‘holding the fort down’ by herself. Had it not been for the Rochester falcon devotees, we would not have had a unique and unbelievable life experience, a paean to Beauty’s motherhood, and the realization that she had been so well named: beauty in every sense of the word.

  6. Michelle O Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Soar to the heavens!!

  7. Betty capuano Says:

    Beauty & dot were a blessing to follow. A lot of laughing . the birth, being tagged . &of course the fledging. From lil puffballs to majestic adults. Beautiful you did a wonderful job.I will miss you. Fly free my beautiful one!

  8. Judy K. Says:

    Iā€™m heartbroken. I started checked the falcon cam last week eagerly waiting for Beauty to start her new family this year. Beauty was beautiful and Beauty will be remembered fondly by many.

  9. Falkenn Says:

    I join all whom have enjoyed Beauty over the years with bitter/sweet emotions. She was prolific and majestic and a tribute to all that have contributed to this project. Proof that our original goals remain strong since our Birdcam days. Her time has come and for us to look forward to the next chapter in Rochester’s falcons history with optimism. Sooo much more ahead! šŸ™

    Thank you all in Beauty. Fly free!

  10. Lisa K. Says:

    I worked downtown rochester 35yrs and saw the falcons fly by my window. I have been amazed by your dedication to these majestic birds. I loved to see Beauty caring for her little fuzzballs..the way she kept them warm, made sure everyone got a fair share of the meal. Can we learn from these observations how to be better humans? I’m heartbroken I’m never going to see the circle of life again, but death is part of life. God Bless You Beauty, you taught me so much…your work was done.

  11. Janie Says:

    She was such a majestic falcon. Has it been 21 years since I watched Isis and Freedom? Seems like a lifetime ago. A different world ago. Lovely Mariah and Kaver produced some fine strong eyas offspring. I celebrated when the aptly named Beauty appeared but I didn’t stay for much of her journey.. I stopped to visit and was saddened to see the end of an era once again. Beauty was worthy of her spot in Rochester Falcon history after our Queen Mariah. My heart goes out to all the watchers who loved and watched over Beauty and Dot.ca’s young over the years. Your care and devotion for these raptors is a beautiful thing. Fly Free Beauty, Mariah and Kaver over the great gorge with the little ones you lost along the journey and those who joined you later.. Mighty hunters who touched many tender hearts. God Bless and may Beauty’s memory live on forever.

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