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As Fast as a Falcon Flies!


While we continue to mourn the loss of Beauty, life goes on for the Rochester Falcons.

Yesterday, a new unbanded female (UF) arrived with a loud fanfare. At first, UT, unbanded tiercel, was confused. He had just lost his mate and he didn’t quite know what to do.

At first he swooped on her, then followed her to the Times Square nest box. There, he joined her inside the box. Very loud ee-chupping, a common falcon vocalization, rang out for all to hear!

Since then, UT has joined UF at the Times Square nest box multiple times. In fact, UF has remained there most of the time since her arrival.

So, it looks like we have a new pair in Rochester, NY. It’s a good indication that the Peregrine Falcon population is doing very well.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on this new couple. There may still be hope that we will have young fledglings flying over Rochester this summer. Stay tuned and keep your eyes to the sky!

7 Responses to “As Fast as a Falcon Flies!”

  1. Kate Says:

    Will it be possible to get them banded?

  2. Shaky Says:

    They won’t be banded unless they are injured and rescued.

  3. Patti Says:

    Will they eventually be given names?

  4. Shaky Says:

    Yes, if they stay around.

  5. Alison in Indiana Says:

    As UF hangs out at the nest box more than her predecessors, we will have much more to enjoy if she keeps her pattern up.

    Now that we have observed successful mating, we can also hope for eventual eggs, eyases and excitement. And someone to use the lovely new eyas ramp that was installed back in December – for which we are very grateful.

  6. Kathleen on the MS Gulf Coast Says:

    Is there an easy way to tell UF and UT apart, like there was with Beauty and DC?

  7. Carol P. Says:

    Hi Kathleen. If they are together, you can usually tell by size. UF is larger by a third. Another way I can tell them apart is that UF has white above her cere (top of her beak), much like Mariah. UT is very dark there, much like Kaver. Hope this helps. 😁

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