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Early this morning, while most of us were sound asleep, Nova was busy laying her 4th egg! At approximately 3:36 am, Rochester Falcons Nova and Neander’s 4th egg arrived. Will there be a 5th? Probably not, since it looks like hard incubation has started. Stay tuned!

Nova Lays Her 4th Egg at 3:36 am
Neander Gets His First Look and So Do We!

2 Responses to “FOUR BEAUTIFUL EGGS!”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Wonderful. Neander cannot manage to get much more than four eggs under him anyway. Shaky has a wonderful meme with Kaver sitting on his eggs in a Styrofoam carton where they are really all collected under him.
    Next adventure – Hatching about a month from now (around May 5th if watcher calculations are correct).

  2. Shaky Says:

    The meme:
    Kaver on 6

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