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Banding Day for the Silver Anniversary Eyases!

Artemis Is a Very Big Girl!

It was banding day for Nova and Neander’s three young eyases this morning. While our friends from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) arrived at the Times Square Bldg, the Rochester Falcon Watchers gathered in front of the Blue Cross Arena, aka Rochester War Memorial.

2023 is the Rochester Falcons 25th Anniversary. There have been Peregrine Falcons nesting in Rochester, NY from 1998 thru 2023!

To celebrate, the current Rochester Falcon Watchers were asked to submit one name each. These names were then voted on by the current watchers. Our favorite three names were chosen. We would like to introduce the Class of 2023!

Sterling (Male)

Sterling (Male) – Band # 97 Over W, Black Over Green; no tape over silver USFW band

Sterling – Is a type of silver. Silver is representative of 25th Anniversaries. Submitted by Rochester Falcon Watcher Sue Deacon.

Artemis (Female)

Artemis (Female) – Band # 36 Over BW, Black Over Green; Blue Tape over silver USFW band

Artemis – Silver is the balance between black and white, the colors which represent the Peregrine Falcon. It is the color of the Greek goddess Artemis. She was the goddess of the hunt and she carried a silver bow and arrows. She was given them from her father Zeus on her 3rd birthday after which she became known as a fierce huntress. Submitted by Rochester Falcon Watcher Linda King.

Jubilee (Female)

Jubilee (Female) – Band # 86 Over Z, Black Over Green; Red Tape Over silver USFW band

Jubilee – For the Silver Jubilee, 25th Anniversary for our amazing Rochester Falcons. Jubilee is a special anniversary, a celebration! Submitted by Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol Phillips

You’re probably wondering why we didn’t choose Silver as a name for one of the eyases. Well, Silver was a name given to one of Mariah and Kaver’s first eyases in 1998!

Here are some pictures from today’s banding day. Enjoy!

Sterling, Artemis and Jubilee
Shaky Holding Jubilee For Her Banding
Grouchy Bucket Babies!

Many thanks to the folks at the Department of Environmental Conservation for coming to Rochester to band our eyases! Thank you!

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  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Thank-you for the great report.

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