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All Three Rochester Falcon Eyases Have Fledged!

At approximately 2:30 pm, first Jubilee then Artemis fledged very close together. Jubilee landed safely on the Wilder Bldg and Artemis landed on the Telesca Bldg.

Later in the day, Sterling flew up to the ledge above the nest box. He has now returned to the nest box platform.

We believe both Jubilee and Artemis are currently on other parts of the TSB.

Our eyases are now considered fledglings or juvies.

We’ll keep you posted on their adventures!

One Response to “All Three Rochester Falcon Eyases Have Fledged!”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    All in all it was a very exciting day. First Artemis shoved Jubilee off the wall and then, possibly seeing how well she did in the air, took off herself some ten minutes later. Sterling hung back a while, but finally went out into the vast beyond and flew around like a pro. He did come home from time to time to delight his fans.
    While I had suspected Jubilee was going to go first, I did not imagine how she was going to be “encouraged” by her sister.

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