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Mariah Makes it Five!

First Look at 5 Eggs
We suspected that Mariah had laid a fifth egg earlier today, but she and Kaver have been keeping the eggs covered pretty much non-stop, so here’s one of the first views of all five eggs! The last couple of days have seen Mariah and Kaver spending most of their time on the eggs, so it’s reasonable to assume that egg laying may be over and brooding has commenced! Of course, Mariah likes to surprise us so remember to expect the unexpected!

Mariah after laying egg #5

It looks like Mariah laid her fifth egg between 10:53 and 10:55AM. That makes it just a hair over 57 hours since egg#4. In this picture (click for a bigger image) the egg at the left looks darker than the others. That’s usually an indication of a newly laid egg. From looking at the camera images, it appears that she spent a little time rearranging them, then covered them up again without ever giving us a clear look at all five until this afternoon.


43 Responses to “Mariah Makes it Five!”

  1. Kathy Villone Says:


  2. Froona Says:

    Great a fifth egg! Welldone Mariah!
    I think she laid it around 10:58 AM

  3. Angela Says:

    YAY I hope she dosent have more I guessed 5 but it would be sooo cool if she had 6 and they all hatch and we can make it the 1st year or lets get 7 but I dont think that will happen but we can all dream:D But go Mariah!!!!!

  4. MM in Texas Says:

    I’ve been watching this am….and I thought so!!
    Seriously, I’m at work right now and I’ve probably spent half my time checking and watching, checking and watching.


  5. Angela Says:

    😀 🙂 YAY Im sooo Happy I have to write another!!! 😀 🙂 YAY Who Hoo YAY GO MARIAH AND KAVER!!!! 😀 🙂 😉

  6. Sunny Says:

    I watched and counted 4 at 10 am … she was eating gravel at the time!

  7. Carol P. Says:

    I would say that Mariah laid her fifth egg around 10:56 a.m. this morning. This is the first glimpse we had of all 5 eggs. 🙂

  8. lucy Says:

    Didn’t RG&E have two nest boxes-one at Russell Station one downtown? and maybe Ginna?

    Did they every produce chicks?

  9. Spiky Sandy Says:

    I wondered if she wasn’t laying another egg after looking at her posture today. Congratulations!

  10. Kathy Villone Says:


  11. Lisa McKeown Says:

    Yes, Lucy, RG&E did have two nestboxes and you are right, there was one downtown and one at Russell Station. These were the nestboxes that were used in 1994 when Dennis Money arranged for 12 Peregrine Falcon chicks, hatched in captivity, were released through a hacking program in Rochester. It was Dennis’ hope that at least one would nest in Rochester.

    To the best of our knowledge there is only one of the 12 falcons released in 1994 that is still alive today, it Zeus. Zeus is nesting in Omaha, Nebraska on the Woodmen Tower.

  12. Pam Says:

    Mariah is awesome.

  13. caye Says:

    Last year was my first for watching the birds. This year I feel like a pro! This is so great. I just love the birds.

  14. lucy Says:

    Do we know where all the rochester falcon’s have gone? Are they nesting somewhere else? How many are still alive? How about last yrs. brood? Has anyone kept track of them?

  15. lee Says:

    Thank you Jess for so much information/education on our falcon families… How tiered/ vulnerable is Mariah after laying each ege???
    That falcon that was in fight with Mariah could it have won more esalily
    after 5 th egg laid??? F acon that landed on lower edge of nest,, could that have been a falcon hatched there???

  16. Karen Says:

    This gril is amazing.Her fith egg WOW!

  17. Carol in WA state Says:

    woohoo! Go Mariah! Won’t it be wonderful if he hatches all five!

  18. Carol in WA state Says:

    She…if she hatches all five. Typo.

  19. Jean Says:

    Oh this is wonderful…..Go Mariah, you rock!! We are having so much fun watching the falcons…we are hoping for one more egg. Great job Mariah and Kaver!

  20. Carol P. Says:

    Five is a good #. 😉 – Carol P.

  21. monica Says:

    How cool. Like everyone else , i love watching these two birds. I’m always thrilled when each egg arrives. Good girl mariah, and kaver you are a big help , too! What great parents .

  22. AJ Says:

    Good goin’ Mariah Wow, five again. That’s a good # to stop at. Please. Too much stress on me girl. I worry if you’ll find enough food-that you have to keep hunting-no rest and Kaver had a hard time covering more than five eggs. Just keep them warm and relax while you can. You’re great parents!

  23. debi bailey Says:

    i think there is a 6th egg 11:15p.m……. I hope so i watch very close…….


  24. debi bailey Says:

    The Egg Is a different Color……. it is much lighter than the others…..

  25. debi bailey Says:

    nope I was wrong Only 5 Still Sorry…

  26. Debbie V. Says:

    Way to go Mariah, 5 eggs. Good job. I have been watching these birds for a few yesra now and I just love them. But I was wondering something. It doesnt seem that Mariah and Kaver are tagged, how do we know that it is them every year? They are great parents and I hope all five hatch and are well. I enjoy keeping track of their growth.

  27. Darby Says:

    At approx 12:24pm (according to the falconcam time) , I saw Mariah on the eggs but one was out to the side. She isn’t actually sitting on it, it is just out next to her. Why is this? Does this mean anything?

  28. Jess Says:

    @lee- Laying an egg requires effort, but it’s not exhausting work, and Kaver is available to defend the nest if it ever became necessary.

    @debi bailey- Not to worry. Egg coloration is not an indicator of viability. Falcons’ eggs vary in color naturally, and as a falcon gets older its eggs are often paler in color.

    @Debbie V- We know we’re looking at Mariah and Kaver because they have unique appearances and behaviors that we can use to distinguish them from each other and from other falcons. You can check out this article to learn more about how we identify Mariah and Kaver.

  29. Sue Says:

    Darby, I was concerned about that, also !! Hopefully, Jess can answer it !!

  30. Angela Says:

    hey Jess is Mariah showing any signs of having another egg???

  31. Jess Says:

    @Darby- Sometimes one of the eggs doesn’t get covered when the falcons are brooding. It’s usually not a problem because Mariah and Kaver turn and rearrange the eggs several times each day. So an uncovered egg usually doesn’t stay that way for long.

    @Angela- It’s too soon to say for sure, but so far it looks like Mariah is going to stop at 5 eggs.

  32. Darby Says:

    Thank you so much Jess for taking your time to answer questions. I admire your expertise and appreciate all the info you pass along to us viewers!!

  33. Debbie V. Says:

    Thanks so much Jess. I appreciate all the information you pass along, and like I said I have been watching now for a few years, but I most have missed that article. I just love these birds they are so beautiful.

  34. mike gessin Says:

    hi,i was wondering how do u know hows Maria and hows Kaviren

  35. Angela Says:

    Thanks Jess! 😀

  36. Darby Says:

    Mike, you can tell which one is which because Mariah as a little white patch right above her beak and between her eyes,. Kavar does not. If you scroll down the imprints section just from the last couple of days, you will see several great pictures of Mariah AND Kavar sitting on the eggs. Now that I have told you that, go and look at imprints, look between the eyes and above the beak on each picture and you will know exactly what I am talking about. Let me know if this helps!!

  37. Darby Says:

    Also, I want to add, I migrated onto some of the other websites you have on your imprints page. I LOVED the website that had the trip to British Columbia. I was awed by the picture of the male Great Horned Owl. It was neat to actually see an owlet also!!!

  38. Darby Says:

    Mike, look back on the imprints pages to April 1st. You will see great picturs posted one after the other of Mariah and Kavar….look for what I said in the other post and you will see.

    Sorry for posting 3 timed

  39. AJ Says:


    I can tell the two apart from your discription, but what are their differances from other P. Flacons?. I know I have asked the same question as Debbie V. another year.
    Thanks for your help.


  40. caye Says:

    How do I get back to the April first that you taLked about? I, too, want to learn how to tell them apart. I know Mariah is bigger but the eyes that someone spoke of are different….and let me tell you…I was lonesome for them all winter. Where did they go? JUST LOVE OUR BIRDS

  41. Darby Says:

    Caye, go to the bottom of the imprints page and on the bottom left you should see ‘previous entries’ select that and it should bring of past imprint pages. Scroll that page and if that didn’t go back far enough to see April 1st, then you may have to click ‘previous entries’ once more.

    Hope this helps

  42. caye Says:

    Darby, thanks that was a big help. Again I must say that I am so glad to have this special treat here in our city! THANK YOU ALL,CAYE

  43. AJ Says:

    I’ve been away for a week or so. Seems that not much has happened. No pictures, no nothin. I do miss being able to catch up when picture were e-mailed in. Nice for those who work during the day too.

    I still don’t get the night shots of the box. Main view is fair. So I can’t even look forward to seeing the little eyases. Anyone get them clearly?

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