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We’ve Got Fledglings!

We won’t give away all the details, because that honor belongs to the watchers who’ve been out for hours this morning and afternoon watching after our newest falcon fliers! We’ve had 2 fledges so far today– one this morning and one around lunchtime. Be sure to check out our FalconWatch blog for all the latest news!


50 Responses to “We’ve Got Fledglings!”

  1. Jean Says:

    a quick question….once the young’uns take fllight, how long will they stick around the nest box? Do they just leave once they can or do they hang out for a while?

  2. Jess Says:

    @Jean- They’ll spend the next few weeks learning to fly and hunt. For the next several days they’ll stick close to the nest box and the Kodak tower, but eventually they’ll make their way outward toward the High Falls Gorge, and then they’ll be seen less and less at the nest box. By the second week of July they’ve usually abandoned the nest box for good.

  3. Debbie Says:

    So while Zephyr and Susan B have taken to the air, what is poor little Diamante doing? Just hanging out all by himself in the playpen? While his sisters just lounge around in the box. Quest will be going soon I think.

  4. Debbie Says:

    But I wonder, it actually looks like Quest might b hanging out with her little sister Seneca for awhile, like a little protecter. Just like Sacajawea did with Linn last year. She hung around longer then anyone thought she would until Linn went to the playpen. I think once Linn made it to the playpen Sacajawea took to the air, but our little Linn became a great little flier.

  5. Jean Says:

    Thanks, I’m bringing my kids down this weekend to watch all of this excitement first hand!! We’ve had such a great time watching this crew this year. We can’t wait!!

  6. Debbie Key Says:

    Quest was posed for flight for a moment. Seneca actually left the nest and came back. I saved lots of pics and are now posted to http://albums.phanfare.com/KeyAlbums under “Falcon Cam Highlights” They go back to before the eggs. Feel free to check it out.

  7. ENB Says:

    Yes, eveyone worried over Linn, but she came out like a champ. I trust that Seneca will exhibit those same qualities. She has M&K genes.

  8. ENB Says:

    Debbie Key. Nice photos. I’m amazed at the detail and clarity. Thank you

  9. Debbie Says:

    Debbie Key, very nice photos. It is so sad to watch them form eggs to juvies and watch them fly away, those photos just really made it that much faster. They are very beautiful birds.

  10. Diane H. Says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful slide show Debbie Key. This is my first year watching from beginning to end. Last few years I only would periodically check in and look. I am hooked forever! You all do such a wondeful job keeping us informed, and since I live so far away in California, I feel as though I am right there on the east cost with these wonderful and gorgeous falcons!

  11. Diane H. Says:

    oops east coast! So excited I forgot to spell check.

  12. Karen Says:

    Sorry to ask a very basic question, but…. where to Maria and Kavar go when the kids leave the nest? I know they don’t use the box then, where do they spend the winter? (Thanks for your patience with a novice!)

  13. Tammy Says:

    Looks like Quest is getting ready !! This is my first year watching, im so bummed that the nest will have to be moved. I have so enjoyed watching!!!!! Thanks to all the people who have worked hard so that all of us could be educated and enjoy this wonderful nature. I so hope to see M&K next year !!
    Thanks again to all involved. What an experience it has been for me !!

  14. Jess Says:

    @Karen- Never be afraid to ask a question! When Mariah and Kaver aren’t raising their family in the nest box, they spend their days and nights on many of the buildings in downtown Rochester. The Xerox tower, First Federal Plaza, HSBC building and Midtown Plaza’s office tower are popular spots for them.

    @Tammy- Don’t count the Rochester Falconcam out yet! Just because Mariah and Kaver’s nest box will be moved doesn’t mean we won’t have pictures next year. We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to identify which nest box the pair are likely to use in 2009. If we’re right we’ll reinstall our cameras at our new location in time to bring next year’s nesting season to all of our viewers around the world!

  15. Kathy V Says:

    Since Mariah and Kaver spend their time on those other bldgs. maybe a box can go on one of those blgs. I’ve enjoyed all the new photos and reports. I am so glad their flights went so good. Now for the other ones.

  16. Rosamund Says:

    Just checked the fledgefest on shaky’s site and noticed two juvies in the playpen at 6:41. Susy B perhaps? Thanks to all the watchers for all the great reports.

    Question: Will Quest’s tracking map be available online? If so, where, when?

    Suggestion: Please, please place future nestboxes on buildings that are not likely to need repairs for a while.

    I thought I’d share this link to a short paper about nestbox imprinting. It’s from the ’90s but it did answer some questions for me. Perhaps it will for others as well. http://www.raptorresource.org/pdf/imprinting.pdf

  17. Jess Says:

    @Rosamund- We do plan on tracking Quest’s travels online. We’re working on the technical issues that need to be in place in order to make it happen.

    The paper you’ve linked to is quite interesting, especially regarding it’s contention that falcons acclimated to an urban nest box are likely to seek out other urban nest sites. That’s good news for us, as we intend to provide nest sites that are similar to the one Mariah and Kaver have enjoyed for these many years.

  18. Debbie Key Says:

    Its getting dark there and I see just two in the nestbox. I’ve been watching several different bird cams and these Falcons are my favorite. Thanks to those who viewed and commented on the photos. They are the most beautiful birds!

  19. Mary L Says:

    Eileen and Mary watch the progress of the Falcons from day one. We want to thank the dedicated falcon watchers for the awesom job in keeping us informed on their movements and the pictures are truly a work of art. We have visited other falcon sited thru the United States and we find that our very own Rochester website, falcon watchers and reporting far surpass any other falcon site we have seen. Thank you, keep up the good work. Luv

  20. Froona Says:

    It is great so see how another generation of legendary Rochester juvies grow up and fledge. This is my 4th year of watching this wonderful nestsite.
    They really are special Kaver and Mariah!
    Because of my background ( biology and raptors) I am keeping a Peregrine Blog this season to obeserve about 20 nestsites on a daily basis.
    I have been keeping a dairy of this nestsite from even before Kaver came back in March. It will be part of my http://www.falcoperegrinus.nl website.
    The Blog contains about 130 slideshows and more than a thousand photo’s of this Rochester season. And still more to come.
    And I do hope we will be able to enjoy season 2009!! A great job you all are doing overthere!
    This is the link:
    Perhaps you like to check it out!

  21. dms Says:

    Did Seneca just hop out of the nestbox?
    One minute she was there looking down next the only one left is Quest.

  22. Debbie Says:

    Seneca is in the back of the box.

  23. Erin O Says:

    I haven’t been able to check the site for the last few days. I just had a feeling all along that Z-man would be the first to fledge. He seemed to have a curious and determine look about him from the start. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his acrobatics and that of the others.

  24. Debbie Key Says:

    Maria(?) is in the nestbox feeding one of them. It seems so funny to see that when they are so big!

  25. Debbie Says:

    How cute, Z-man came up to ovisit his sisters at the nest box. Maybe he is giving them encouragement to take the leap. 🙂

  26. ENB Says:

    Froona. excellent site. The Henry Beston quote is a favorite.

  27. ENB Says:

    Looks like Z came to scarf rather than visit.

  28. Debbie Says:

    ENB I think you are right LOL 🙂

  29. ENB Says:

    But he is lookin’ very handsome indeed!

  30. Debbie Says:

    I again agree, he is most handsome

  31. ezsha Says:

    (Also posted on kfalconcam group.)

    After seeing some of the close-ups of Quest’s feeton Camera 1, I’m wondering what the bottoms of them actually look like? It looks like there are small yellow ‘hooks’ that curl in opposition to the talons?
    Can anybody enlighten me?

  32. Jess Says:

    @ezsha- Falcons have small protuberances on the bottoms of their feet that help them to grip their prey or a perching surface.

  33. ENB Says:

    @3:42pm – Quest is on the roof.

  34. Debbie Says:

    ENB, I just noticed that too, so maybe she will be going soon.

  35. Barbara in WA Says:

    I just logged into my computer in the hotel room and saw Quest on the roof !! And Seneca looks so much bigger to me today.

  36. MJC Says:

    Thank you Debbie Key for posting that link to the slide show. I’ve been watching daily since March, and it see the photos put together like that is just breath taking. Everyone should take a look at that slide show. The birds come so far in so short of a time.

  37. Karen Says:

    Where did Quest go so quick? I looked and two were there and I looked again 5 minutes later and she was gone. Seneca will be lonely.

  38. ENB Says:

    Looks like mom or dad is checking up on Seneca.

  39. Tammy Says:

    Hope nothing is wrong with Seneca. Maybe just a little shy or not quite ready to leave the nest ! Is Seneca the smallest ? Looks like Mom or Dad might be doing some coaching….or getting ready to throw Seneca out of the nest !! Hope all is ok !
    Any news on Quest’s transmitter ? Is it working ? When was the last time she was seen ?

  40. KJA Says:

    10:04AM – Quest is on the floodlight in the corner of the playpen (Camera 1 & 4).

  41. ENB Says:

    If at some reasonable point Seneca does not begin to emerge from the box and appears in distress, will there intervention?

    I recall last year we had similar concerns about Linn who went on to become a champ flyer.

  42. Rosamund Says:

    6/18 Susan B and Zephyr fledge
    6/19 Diamonte in playpen
    6/20 Quest in playpen. Seneca remains in the nestbox.

    From Shaky’s site:
    5/9/08 Three eggs hatched Thursday morning. (Thursday was 5/8)
    5/10/08 Egg #4 hatched Saturday.
    5/11/08 Egg #5 hatched Sunday.

    Seems to me they’re leaving the nestbox in about the same order as they hatched. So, if Seneca was egg #5 she won’t be ready to leave till tomorrow. No need to worry!

  43. ENB Says:

    Thanks Rosamund. She will emerge when she feels ready, but I am aiding her with crossed fingers and toes.

  44. Debbie Says:

    Well a juvie was just up on the perch rail visiting with Seneca, but I couldn’t see a band color so I don’t know which one it was.

  45. Ruth Says:

    I’m worried about Seneca. I think she’s the one that won’t leave the nest box. What are her chances of survival?

  46. Debbie Says:

    another visitor for Seneca, still unable tosee which of her siblings it is. 1:46pm

  47. Tammy Says:

    Is it Z-man ???? Almost looks like he has a snack ??

  48. Tammy Says:

    I see Mom (or Dad) there now. It seems as tho when ever Mom or Dad shows up Seneca hides in the back of the nest box…..

  49. Tammy Says:

    This is almost as bad as trying to get a teenager out of bed !!!!!!

  50. June Kogut Says:

    As worried as I am about Seneca, I will also be sorry to see the last one leave the nest….It’s the beginning of the end of this years “family”.It’s amazing to me how brave they all are to jump off that high ledge.!!!!It’s 8pm, time for me to shut down the computer…Will Seneca have flown the “coop” when next I turn it on? ?

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