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Mostly More Of The Same For Quest

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It appears that Quest has found a good place to rest in the area around Wood Hollow Road and Chuck Hollow Road amid the woodlands and expansive houses just south of the Siasconset Golf Course. Morning and evening readings form a tight cluster of locations within about ½ mile. Her daytime locations are farther south near the shore in keeping with many of the eyewitness accounts we’ve received over the past months. Data from the transmitter’s temperature sensor continues to show that Quest is keeping warm, with temperatures from 18-25°C being recorded. So as we head toward the latter part of winter Quest is keeping a routine that ought to make it relatively easy for her many fans on Nantucket to keep track of her.


5 Responses to “Mostly More Of The Same For Quest”

  1. Larry O Says:

    I’m so disappointed. I hoped to be the Dominican Republic by now. … Larry O

  2. Kathy V Says:

    Thank you for that bit of news, it is so reassuring to hear Quest is doing well and keeping warm. Wonder if she will ever come back this way. Tell me, would M&K remember any of their young?

  3. Maureen in MA Says:

    Same old news is good news in that we know Quest is doing well. Thank you for the update! It will be very interesting to see what she does when the season starts to turn.

  4. Melissa in MA Says:

    Like Maureen said, same news is good news! She has
    obviously found the ideal winter location.

  5. Kim in Italy Says:

    Yes, good news!
    Thank you again and again, Jess! 😀

    Kathy, I don’t think, never heard, falcon parents can remember their children after dispersal.
    Just know the youngs can come back very close the place where they are born and find there their own territory and nest, but NOT too close their own parents’ territory. See Onyx (SW&Buckeye’s child) nesting in Cleveland not far from the TT, anyway far enough to avoid battles against his parents.

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