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Quest Update – Monomoy and Chatham

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We’re happy to announce that our access to Quest’s transmitter data has been restored. In our absence she hasn’t missed a beat.

Her night time locations are in Chatham, with a couple of data points placing her near a structure that might be a lighthouse at the Stage Harbor inlet. On the 7th it looks like she spent the night in the 200 block of Cedar Street near Stetson Cove.

Her daytime haunts appear to be the tidal flats just off the Cape south of Stage Harbor, and along the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. Temperature sensor data, when we receive it, shows that she’s staying warm, doubtless a reflection of the good weather overall in April.

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15 Responses to “Quest Update – Monomoy and Chatham”

  1. Darlene Says:

    Great News! Can someone tell me how long we can expect the transmitter to continue working?

  2. Kathy Says:

    Always happy to hear of Quest’s adventures and that she is keeping safe!

  3. Paul Says:

    Thanks again, Jess!

    Quest is certainly proving to a real beach bird, returning to the same places where she spent time in early fall. I wonder what summer will bring?

  4. BFaye Says:

    Are there any signs of other PeFas ..namely tiercels out on The Cape???
    I’m thinking mates, territory and nesting sites…:-)

  5. Jess Says:

    @Darlene- The transmitter is designed to work for several years. The harness that holds the transmitter on Quest’s back is designed to fall off after 2-3 years.

    @BFaye- Hopefully we’ll hear from some of Quest’s fans out on the Cape about whether there are other falcons around. Quest is still too young for nesting and mating, though she might try to stake out a territory as we’ve seen with other first year birds such as Linn in Scarborough, Ontario.

  6. Kathy V Says:

    thanks for that, glad to hear she is keeping warm and doing well.

  7. ei Says:

    Wonderful news! I just posted a note over on the Cape Cod Birds group with a link to here asking them to keep a lookout for her.

  8. Melissa in MA Says:

    Yeah, glad to hear she is enjoying our lovely
    spring weather….it would be great if this is
    where she settles…though it is probably still
    too soon to tell I imagine…

  9. Lola Says:

    Happy Happy, Quest !!!

  10. June Kogut Says:

    Welcome to the Cape, Quest. We would be happy to have you stake out some territory near us. Good luck finding friends, tho I don’t think that is what you guys do. Nice that you are keeping warm and presumably well fed. Keep up the good work.

  11. Maureen in MA Says:

    Good news continues for Quest! Thanks Jess!

  12. Marti M in Rochester Says:

    There is indeed an old lighthouse building on Hardings Beach, but it is not functional, with no light at the top. I have been inside and it would make a great nest site.

    I will be in Chatham in mid-June and will look out for Quest and hopefully get some pictures.

    My house is just 1.5 miles from the Cedar street location! I have several freinds in Chatham who are watching for her too.

    This is sooo cool.

  13. chrissy Says:

    Very good news. Marti, I envy you. keep those batteries charged!

    There are 100+ osprey poles around the cape. Could she be using one of those?

  14. Marti M in Rochester Says:

    There are two poles that I know of in N. Chatham, both at Ryder’s cove, near where she was sighted by a freind last fall and where the transmiter also put her last fall. Both were occupied last June, with young. There is also an un-poled osprey nest on Little Mill Pond, very close to the area where she has been recently. I watch the young from this nest every June from my kyack, while they learn to fish. There are also numerous old churches with nice steeples that would make nice nest spots not too far from where she is. I bet she is checking all these sites out for when she is ready to nest.

  15. sandynl Says:

    Have a great journey Quest. Stay save.

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