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Mariah’s Vets “Delighted At Her Progress”

Mike Allen just sent us a news update on Mariah’s condition that he received from her veterinary team on Saturday. The news continues to be good.

Just a note to let you know that the veterinarian was just here to examine Mariah. We are delighted at her progress. We can’t believe how well the wound is healing. It looks so much better than last Tuesday. We now believe that it will heal on its own without stitches.

We removed the bandage and she is now having the neck area covered with an antibiotic/antiseptic wound glue called Facilitator. She checked the puncture wounds on her feet and the tear on her wing webbing. They are healing nicely. She is an excellent patient. I have a hood that fits her well and she is very cooperative in handling her. The doctor took her off the torb (seditive) today, but we will continue with her antibiotics.

The veterinarian will be back to check her around noon on Tue, as he felt it was less stressful on Mariah if I did not transport her into the clinic, so he is willing to come here to treat her. She is in a quiet and calm setting here and we didn’t want to cause any [undue] stress.

I can’t begin to tell you how well she is eating. I have been cutting her food up for her into little [bite] sized pieces, but I think she is ready to eat a whole quail on her own. I will open it up for her, so she can pick it apart by herself. Not only will this be more natural for her, but it will keep her occupied. Tomorrow (Sunday), I am going… to get her some more fresh quail from a friend who raises them and is willing to give us some. I will send you another report after the doctor is here on Tuesday.

We too are delighted to hear that Mariah is making such rapid progress! Our heartfelt thanks go to the team of caring professionals who are taking care of Mariah and to Mike, Barb and everyone at the DEC for keeping us informed.

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46 Responses to “Mariah’s Vets “Delighted At Her Progress””

  1. Donna Says:

    Amazing Mariah. I’m thrilled. Thank you.

  2. Melissa in MA Says:

    She continues to be a graceful fighter….thanks to all
    those who continue to care for her, and the others who
    let the rest of us know how she is doing. You all
    are appreciated.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Excellent news and what a relief!! She’s one strong falcon! Thank you for your care of her and obviously the DEC knew what is was doing sending her into the care of a vet with 30 years experience, how gracious he is to come to her!

  4. Paul Says:

    That’s great news about Mariah! Who would have guessed it — a falcon vet who makes house calls.

  5. Kathy V. Says:

    Magnificent Mariah !! How you continue to amaze us with your strong will and courage !! We still send many prayers to you for your continued recovery our “Q ueen”. Thanks to all who are providing such great care and to all who keep us informed on Mariahs journey !!

  6. Carol P. Says:

    Only the best for our Mariah, Paul! 🙂

  7. chicki Says:

    Way to go, Mariah!! I have to admit that I was a bit antsy all weekend not knowing how she was doing…anyways, keep those quail coming! And seriously, I will be glad to pay the “friend” for them. They are welcome to contact me directly through this email address. Or should I just send a check to the same place as a week ago – which I believe was Genessee Valley Audubon…? Or is there a better way to donate to her cause? Please let me know.

  8. June Kogut Says:

    It sounds like a complete recovery is possible. Thank everyone who is responsible: those who rescued her , transported her ,cared for her, and who keep all us supporters up to date on her health. Cheers to Mariah!!!

  9. Jess Says:

    @chicki – We appreciate your generous offer. The bills for Mariah’s care are being covered by the DEC.

  10. Val in MI Says:

    Great News! and I am not surprised that she is a good patient. I believe in my heart that she knew who everyone was that rescued her. She is one smart Falcon, the one and only “Mariah”.
    Just my honest opinion.
    Val in MI

  11. tom Says:

    Thanks for this great VIP (Very Important Peregrine) update!

  12. Tammy A Says:

    Finally, some good news!!!! A huge, heartfelt thank you to all caring for our Mariah. Any news on whether a decision has been made to band her? Does anyone know how long it will be before a decision is made whether to set her free or send her to “retirement”?

  13. jenn Says:

    Awww… this is such great news!! I want to say thanks, of course, to all that have, and ARE helping Mariah…. and esp. to the DEC, for covering this expense. Without the help of ALL of you involved, Mariah maybe wouldn’t have all of the chances in fighting, and recovering !

  14. Jess Says:

    @Tammy A- Those are all good questions for which there are no answers. As soon as we learn anything we’ll let you know!

    @Val- It can be comforting for us humans to believe that, but there’s no evidence that Mariah or any other wild falcon would know any of the people involved in her care or rescue, or regard them as anything other than potential threats. She was rescued because she was too injured to flee from the rescuers. There’s nothing wrong with admiring the wild spirit of these birds, but we need to be careful not to ascribe human characteristics to them.

  15. bev. Says:

    I am so thrilled to hear of her great progress.
    that vet is very special indeed to put Mariahs best interests first.

    BAby steps at a time.

  16. John Carlos Says:

    She seemed to know from the minute Carol P. and Brian that humans were going to help her. She also has eleven years experience having her young taken from her only to be returned unharmed.

    I’m just thinking of how cute it would be if Mariah attacked the Banding Day workers after the first few years as her way of entertaining her fans. Perhaps we don’t give animals enough credit. Perhaps Mariah DOES have the intelligence to entertain and know that we are harmless (for the most part).

  17. Karyn aka Rickabob Says:

    What a wonderful read this Monday morning! So glad to hear Mariah is holding her own. A big THANK YOU to those caring for her and those keeping us informed!

  18. chicki Says:

    So if the DEC are using my tax dollars to care for Mariah, then spend away! I don’t mind my taxes for finally going for something I care about (*smile*)

  19. Kathy V Says:

    yes, thank you so much, to all who are caring for M, glad to hear she is doing so well.Sure hope she will return soon.You go girl………

  20. Kathy V Says:

    I too would be glad to send a donation for her care, if needed.
    As for M recogizing anyone, maybe just maybe she might sense some familiarity. Of course I have nothing to back that with, they are wild, and its conceivable that she was just freightened and couldn’t escape, but, did she try???? We may never know, but whatever makes us cope with this tragic situation, now turned hopeful, will help us with peace of mind, or something to believe in. True or false.

  21. jeanne Says:

    This is such wonderful news and it is so clear from the email that the folks taking care of Mariah are caring for her with great skill and tenderness. I so appreciate this. It is so great, too, that she is calm.

  22. Lola Says:

    I am grateful to all for her care and to all for their concerns and prayers.

  23. Carla P. Says:

    What incredibly FANTASTIC news. If Mariah is capable of “thought”, I’m sure that she’s playing NICE NICE for now, while plotting her revenge (on humans!) when she returns to the skies 😉

  24. Tom Says:

    Seems like bad new for Mariah’s release though. If she recovers and in released, it’s most likely she’ll go back to fighting Archer for her territory, there’s no good outcome in that fight, from a human point of view.

  25. Audrey (London UK) Says:

    Wonderful news about Mariah – hope she goes on from strength to strength. What a brilliant team she has looking out for her.

  26. OliverPinkStuff Says:

    I was sooo worried for her. Thank you from Hamilton, ON

  27. Kris Says:

    This is great news as I’ve been thinking about her all weekend. Continued prayers for her complete recovery!

  28. Maureen in MA Says:

    Awesome news! To echo everyone before my post… thank you to all of Mariah’s caregivers, the Rochester Falconcam Crew, and to Mike for keeping all of Mariah’s fans informed of her progress!!

  29. Deborah Loudenslager Says:


  30. chrissy Says:

    Delighted they’re delighted!

    Hope Mariah’s as cooperative after the sedative’s worn off.

  31. Bonnie Talluto Says:

    Sounds like she is adjusting to captivity with sedatives. Let’s see what she does without the meds!! I suspect she will be just fine. Smart birds know when to let the humans do the work. Plus, I have to disagree about Mariah recognizing humans. Birds are visual. That’s what they do. They see. And peregrine falcons probably see the best of any other birds, except eagles. But that doesn’t mean she is tame by any means. She is wild animal.

    If you all read to end, I applaud NY DEC and am so happy for the Rochester falcon watchers and everything you all do. You are the model for falcon watchers around the world.

  32. monica Says:

    Great news! Happy to know that Mariah is coming along so well. I believe she knows that she’s being cared for. Sure once she’s out in the wild it will be a different story, but for now it’s nice to believe that she understands. I do wonder and worry what it will be like with the other falcons, will they realize she’s not as strong as they are? I pray that she is ok once released. For now, get well Mariah, and thanks to all people taking of her. She’s the queen of rochester skies!!

  33. Anne Clarke Says:

    Many thanks to everyone who has been involved in Mariah’s rescue and tender loving care! I think she proved last year that she is a good healer, when her foot was damaged and that is being confirmed once again! We’ll hope that she keeps up the good progress!
    Thanks again!

  34. Hilde Hustead Says:

    Way to go MARIAH
    I`am so happy ,and I hope that she will be back soon.Thank you to every one that is taking care of her.
    Long live our Queen

  35. Janimare Says:

    Totally agree, John Carlos and Bonnie.

    My myriad of yard birds know me in some avian way. They react differently to my voice and self than to substitute feeding people.

    They knew when our kitty was too old to catch them and ate on the ground at their feeders when she was out there sunning herself.

    Mariah had serious injuries and of course was in shock, but smart as she has been to survive to be 11, she knew on some level that she was being helped.

    Our knowledge of what birds think and feel is limited, but a growing body of research suggests that they are capable of much more than we previously theorized.

  36. Pam in Troy Says:

    I’m thankful & grateful that Carol & Brian were able to rescue Mariah and get her care quickly. I’m also thankful to the rehabilitators & veterinary experts who are overseeing her care. To lose Mariah after not having Kaver return this year, would just be too much to bear. We don’t know what thr future holds for our Queen, but we have reason to be hopeful. Show ’em what you’re made of, Mariah!

  37. Chelle Says:

    I am very pleased that Mariah is doing well. But I do have one question. What does her future hold? Will she be released back in Rochester or someplace else? I would hate to see her go, but nature is nature. If anyone could let me know, I’d greatly appreciate it.

  38. Alison in Indiana Says:

    If she were released too near Rochester the chances are, she would go back and fight “Beauty” (female against female is the usual way).
    It will indeed be interesting to learn about how she reacts to her caregivers now that the effects of the probable concussion, which made her so docile at first (remember they were concerned about her vision) and next the sedatives will be gone. The fiercest animal (including people) will be friendly and cooperative when they are all doped up.

  39. Debbie J. Says:

    Glad to hear that Mariah has survived and doing so well and being a good patient. Best wishes to her and the caregivers for her recovery.

  40. Terry in Putnam, CT Says:

    Great news about Mariah. Thank you to everyone involved in her care and in getting us these updates.

  41. Steve K Says:

    First, i would just like to say thank you for all the updates on Mariah and the care given for her recovery, they are greatly appreciated.

    I just had some concerns about her future. Will Mariah be released back into her old territory and chance another battle? Or will she be released elsewhere in hopes that she finds a new territory? Is there any chance she will become a captive bird given her age and health?

  42. Val Galletto Says:

    Thank you Mike for providing us with updates! I too have been concerned about Mariah, but it appears she is proving that she is truly the Majesty of the Rochesterskies! I do hope her progress continues and she gets stronger every day, but I still worry about her being released into the wild.

  43. Pam in Reston, VA Says:

    My heart stopped and my hand covered the loud OH NO that came out of my mouth when I read that she’d been injured. It’s so good to hear of Mariah’s recovery. Thanks to all involved.

    I have such mixed feelings about what’s next for her though. She’s meant to fly the skies…. but those same skies could mean death. Mariah would be an extremely effective good will ambassadress and that would keep her safe…. but is that the right thing to do?

    So glad that I don’t have to make the decision.

    Thanks again.

  44. Beth Says:

    Any new updates yet on Mariah’s condition? Vet was going to check on her on Tuesday and we havent heard anything as yet. Could someone please give all of us an update.

  45. chicki Says:

    Ok Mariah, send a pigeon (no, you can’t munch on it first!) with news on how you’re doing….

  46. chrissy Says:

    The only place where they take falcons more seriously than here is the UAR.
    check out the exam room in the virtual tour. 🙂

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