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Wednesday Evening Fledge Watch - 7/29/15

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

5:45 to 9:00 pm

Evening Watchers: Kathy O, Joyce, Larry O, Carrie, Shaky and Carol P.

When I arrived a the east end of the pedestrian bridge, it was 90 degrees (F)!  My cooling towel was working really hard to keep me cool!  :)  The gorge was quiet tonight.  No falcon visits like we’ve had for the last few days.  But, there was a lot of activity surrounding us.  During the evening watch, we saw all 4 downtown Rochester Falcons!

Just before 4:00 pm, Genesee visited the Times Square Bldg nest box.  The Rfalconcam camera’s caught him on top of main camera.  He didn’t stay long, but it was great seeing him there.


At first I could find no falcons.  Then at 6:10 pm, I found two falcons.  One on the Jail Comm Tower and one on the Frontier Comm Tower (FCT) on the 2nd arm down.  Because we were watching from the pedestrian bridge, all of my pictures are zoomed to the max and in most cases very blurry.  But at least you’ll see what we were seeing during our watch.

Falcon on Jail Comm Tower -7-29-15Falcon on FCT -7-29-15

At 6:30 pm, Kathy O joined me and we had three falcons in view.  One on the Jail Comm Tower (Adult). One on FCT below the platform and one at the Powers Bldg nest box (Juvie).  They were moving around a lot.

Falcon on FCT Below Platform -7-29-15Juvie at Powers Bldg Nest Box -7-29-15

Joyce joined us on the pedestrian bridge.  At 7:25 pm, Cadence and Genesee were on the north end of the Cross Rds Bldg.  One of them had food.  The adult remained on the Jail Comm Tower.

Cadence and Genesee on Cross Rds Bldg -7-29-15

Larry O, Carrie and Shaky then joined the watch.  The two juvies flew over to the Frontier Comm Tower at 7:45 pm.  One juvie landed on the 2nd arm down, next to an adult (we think this was Dot.ca).  The juvie then flew off and landed on the large drum below the platform followed by the 2nd juvie.  One of the juvies remained with food and the other flew to the Kodak Tower landing on the NE corner of the playpen netting.  We thought there may have been a food transfer by Dot.ca to one of the juvies.

Falcon on FCT 7-29-15Juvies on FCT Drum -7-29-15Falcon on Kodak Office -7-29-15

We lost track of the two juvies and the adult on the Jail Comm Tower (Beauty).  Dot.ca flew to the Kodak Tower NE corner of the playpen.

Dot.ca then took off  and headed north down the river.  He turned, now heading east.  We lost him behind the Genesee Brewery. Shaky walked to the center of the pedestrian bridge and found him on a cell tower east of the brewery.  He flew off several times heading north and returned to the tower.  He was definitely in hunt mode.

Falcon on Cell Tower East of Brewery -7-29-15Falcon on Cell Tower East of Brewery -7-29-15

By 8:30 pm, we were already losing light.  The days are getting shorter.  :(

At 9:00 pm we ended our watch, happy to have seen all 4 downtown Rochester Falcons.  Goodnight everyone!

An Almost Full Moon -7-29-15Sunset in the Gorge -7-29-15Sunset in the Gorge -7-29-15

I wanted to send out a shout and a huge thanks to Mike who helped us out at the end of the day.  Thanks Mike!  :)

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