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Jim P- Tuesday & Wednesday, July 15 & 16, 7-8:30AM

The fledglings continued their impressive flying the past couple of days, though it hasn’t been as crazy or incredible as in previous days. Tuesday’s activity featured the girls. I shot some pictures, but left a little before Carol arrived to take her series of video clips. Here’s my report:


This morning Seneca did all the flying, and presented us with a little unexpected surprise to boot. Read about it here:



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7 Responses to “Jim P- Tuesday & Wednesday, July 15 & 16, 7-8:30AM”

  1. Maureen in MA Says:

    Great pictures as always! Thank you for sharing once again!

  2. JenP Says:

    What a comical second shot of Seneca on that second page, Jim! It amazes me the pictures you’re able to catch, no matter how gross *grin* 🙂

  3. Barbara Says:

    From your sharp focus and great composition, the Fledglings look strong, clear-eyed, sleek and healthy. Was the seemingly playful interaction with the Kestrel unusual, or do the two species normally keep their distance?Good to know Seneca’s system is in good working order!

    Thanks, again, Jim and all the Falconwatchers. I guess what’s most important is to enjoy them while they’re here. It will be bittersweet when they move on.

  4. Jess Says:

    @Barbara- Kestrels act like any other falcons. If they percieve other birds, even other falcons, to be a threat to their territory or offspring, they’ll attack them. Likewise, Mariah and Kaver often attack Kestrels that get too close to their territory. In fact, we’ve seen Kaver take a Kestrel as prey in the past.

    In “neutral” territory like the gorge, watchers have observed the Peregrine and Kestrel fledglings chasing and playing with each other. In these interactions the Kestrels can usually outmaneuver the larger Peregrines, but can’t match them in speed of flight. It’s great fun to watch though!

  5. Barbara Says:

    Very interesting, Jess! I’ve learned so much from this website.
    Thank you,
    (Los Angeles)

  6. Retread Says:

    Has anyone seen any of the fledglings make a successful kill yet? I haven’t seen it mentioned but given their improving flight skills should we expect it to happen soon?

  7. Kathy V Says:

    Thanks Jess, that was quite interesting, about the Kestrels and Peregrine’s, learn spmething new everyday.

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