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Tuesday Morning Fledge Watch – 7/12/16

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Lots of flying and food transfers and all 6 Rochester Falcons seen this morning!

Here are some images from my morning watch.  Enjoy!

1-juvie-above-xerox-antenna-7-12-16<— Juvie Above Xerox Antenna.

2-two-juvies-on-hsbc-7-12-16<— Two Juvies on HSBC.

3-juvie-flying-around-hsbc-7-12-16<— Juvie Flying Around HSBC.

4-juvie-on-rgs-antenna-7-12-16<— Juvie on RGS Antenna.

5-two-juvies-on-hsbc-7-12-16<— Two Juvies on HSBC.  Matilda and Aria.

6-beauty-on-rgs-antenna-7-12-16<— Beauty on RGS Antenna After Food Transfer.

8-leo-the-librarian-7-12-16<— Leo at the Library.  We figure that he was the recipient of Beauty’s Food Transfer.

9-leo-on-the-library-7-12-16<— Leo at the Library.

10-leo-on-the-library-7-12-16<— Leo the Librarian!  🙂

12-two-juvies-on-jct-7-12-16<— Two Juvies on the Jail Comm Tower.

13-food-transfer-over-the-river-7-12-16<— Food Transfer Above the Genesee River.

14-juvie-at-powers-7-12-16<— Juvie at Power’s Bldg Nest Box.

17-all-4-juvies-under-nw-wing-7-12-16<— All 4 Juvies were on the Times Square Bldg Under the NW Wing. I could only see two from my angle.  Joyce could see all 4 at one time.  🙂

Here are some miscellaneous pics from my morning falcon watch.

7-no-nightmare-on-elm-st-7-12-16<— No Nightmare on Elm St.  Just Lots of Falcons Flying!

11-pretty-pigeon-7-12-16<— Pretty Pigeon!

15-low-river-7-12-16<— Low River. From Andrews St Bridge Looking South.

16-low-river-7-12-16<— Low River. From Andrews St Bridge Looking North.

4 Responses to “Tuesday Morning Fledge Watch – 7/12/16”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    My, that Leo is a handsome lad!

  2. patsy6 Says:

    Great capture of the food transfer, Carol!

  3. Carol P. Says:

    He sure is Alison!

  4. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks Pat!

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