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Fledge Watch Report – 6/27/21

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Watchers (during my watch): Dana, Linda, Lisa, Larry O and Carol P. Bonus drive-by by Dan. 🙂

7:00 am to 10:00 am.

The heat and humidity is rising here in Rochester, NY today. It was almost 80 degrees (F) when I started driving around downtown at 7:00 am. My phone says it is 90 degrees as I type this at 1:35 pm. Temps are expected to go up well into the 90’s. I joined Dana on the Court St Bridge just in time to see some fantastic flying by Golden and Dot.ca. They were all over between the Times Square Bldg and Xerox. Golden is doing extremely well with Dot.ca as his teacher.

At one point, both Beauty and Dot.ca attempted a bowing session at the Powers nest box, but alas, Golden had other plans. As soon as his parents went into the nest box, Golden landed on the corner screaming. Dot.ca immediately flew out of the nest box and up to the NE wing ledge on the Times Square Bldg. Beauty will not be bullied by her little boy. She remained at the Powers Bldg with Golden.

After awhile, Dot.ca flew out to the Xerox Bldg and Beauty flew over to the Times Square Bldg and went into the nest box there for some shade. Golden went into the Powers nest box and then up to the roof where he was able to get some shade.

This is where they all were when the watch was ended at 10:00 pm. The heat was rising quickly and we all decided it was time to go.

No Freyja sightings this morning. We’ll keep looking for her.

I stopped at ST for a quick look on the way home. Pretty sure it was Beau that I saw attempting to hide from his and Billie’s three young ones (verified by Dana). Two of the three juvies were tearing up the sky above, screaming and talon tagging.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my watch. Enjoy and keep cool!

Golden on Top of B&L
Golden Takes Off from B&L
Golden Comes in Screaming at the Powers Nest Box and Dot.ca Leaves Quickly
Dot.ca on the NE Wing Ledge on the Times Square Bldg
Beauty Remains at the Powers Bldg with Golden
Beauty Goes to the Times Square Bldg Nest Box for a Little Shade
Golden Gets some Shade on Top of the Powers Nest Box
Two of Billie and Beau’s Three Juvies Talon Tagging High Above

Some pictures from the RFalconcam Cameras.

Beauty & Dot.ca in the Powers Nest Box
Beauty in the Times Square Nest Box
Golden in the Powers Nest Box

6 Responses to “Fledge Watch Report – 6/27/21”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    90 degrees! what was that about a Golden Snowball?

    Thanks for the great report.

    So Billie and Beau had three this year… Very cool. Did they get banded?

  2. Larry o Says:

    Carol, nice reporting and beautiful pictures.

  3. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks Alison. No, B&B’s juvies have never been banded sadly.

  4. Carol P. Says:

    Thank you Larry!!!

  5. kellie rice Says:

    Thanks to all of the volunteers! I found rFalconcam after following Peregrine Place out of Buffalo for the last two years. Rochester is my hometown, but I’ve been living in Oregon since 1997. Our little Peregrine eyrie had 4 juvies this year!

  6. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Welcome, kellie rice. How exciting for you. Are you involved at all in watching from the ground?

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