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1  Member Activities / Events / Re: Watcher's Weekend 2015 on: 08-Jun-15, 02:54:17 pm
Count me in!!!  Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!
2  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Mama Falcon wants chick back in egg!! :) on: 17-Feb-15, 11:52:55 am
I laughed right out loud!!
3  Member Activities / Puzzles / Re: Puzzle of the Week on: 12-Feb-15, 01:50:56 pm
Thanks so much.  I used to look forward to your puzzles.   clap
4  Member Activities / Events / Re: 2015 New Year Toast to the Rochester Falcons! on: 17-Dec-14, 02:52:07 pm
I will be there!!!!!!! martini
5  Member Activities / Events / Re: New Year's Day Rochester Falcon Watch Toast - January 1, 2013 at 1:00 pm on: 21-Dec-12, 10:37:08 am
I'll be there!!
6  Member Activities / Events / Re: Falcon Watcher Holiday Dinner on: 13-Dec-12, 08:36:49 am
I told Larry I was booked until after Christmas
7  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Minnesota Lake man sentenced for Destroying Pelican Nests & Killing Chicks on: 06-Mar-12, 05:14:04 pm
Makes me nauseous
8  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Pale Male's mate, Lima, found dead on: 27-Feb-12, 09:08:35 pm
How sad for Pale Male.   Made me think of our fellow falcon watcher Kathy G.  she loved Pale Male.   We often talked about going to New York City to visit but unfortunately we never did.
9  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: 2012 Pictures from the Rfalconcam Cameras on: 19-Feb-12, 12:02:23 am
What the !!!   We leave Rochester for a quiet trip to Canada and everything goes haywire!  Had a wonderful time at CPF with Mark Nash, Tracy, Big Frank and all the CPF birdies.  Hello from Carol P,
Dana, Joyce, MAK, Lisa, Susan and me.  Keep an eye on things, we will be back soon.   Thanks everyone.
10  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Offspring / Re: Sabrina??? on: 27-Jan-12, 11:09:57 am
 After the week we have had, you can't leave us hanging like that!!!!
11  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Offspring / Re: Quest and Kendal - Toronto/Don Mills on: 11-Jul-11, 04:11:02 pm
You got that right . . .
12  Member Activities / Events / Re: Toronto Trip - June 10, 2011 on: 14-Jun-11, 01:43:28 pm
Roaming charges for Verizon are very high in Canada.  I remember one trip to find Quest when she was at the Lennox Power Plant between texts abd calls I spent about $75 additional.  I have learned to be a little more cautious.
13  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Offspring / Re: Rhea Mae and Tiago's Webcam - Toronto - Canadian Peregrine Foundation on: 31-Mar-11, 02:59:24 pm
Way to go Rhea Mae!!!! thumbsup
14  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: Something for the falcon watchers! on: 18-Jan-11, 05:22:48 pm
Don't give Brian any ideas!
15  Other Nature Related Information / Falcon Web Cams / Re: ~Buffalo Falcon News 2010~ on: 17-Dec-10, 01:38:56 pm
Dana -- Unbelievable, great job!!!  I will always remember that first trip and seeing my first connection.  You deserve my second post!!! 
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