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1  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: RIP Donna Wiedman Cook on: 25-Sep-18, 11:04:52 am
I am so shocked and saddened to hear of Donna's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with her children and Olivia. I can't help but picture Donna reunited not only with Ed, but also with all of our beloved Peregrine Falcons who went before her, and were such a huge part of her life. Fly free, Donna. You know longer have to be Miss-n-Kaver.  Cry heart
2  Member Activities / Birthdays / Re: Happy Birthday Carla! on: 07-Jun-17, 06:41:22 pm
Thank you, MAK, Pat, Dot, Carol, Annette, and Jeanne for your wonderful birthday wishes.  I didn't see them until today!!!  So weet of all of you to remember me.
Dot, I'd love to take credit, but your thanks for all my reports from other cams go to the OTHER Carla on the Forum!
Since I'm reading these messages on June 7th, my wish TODAY is for a full and speedy recovery for our little Seabreeze, who accidentally fledged a few days too soon.  Come home soon, Seabreeze heart heart heart

3  Member Activities / Birthdays / Re: Happy Birthday, Shaky! on: 24-Jul-15, 09:58:42 pm
Happy Belated Birthday, Shaky!  Glad yo had a good one!
Carla P
4  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcons News / Re: We Are Very Sad to Report That Bronx Did Not Make It on: 24-Jun-15, 11:43:31 am
Bronx, that beautiful little spitfire. Such a loss for all, especially his Peregrine family.
We should all heed Jeanne's wise  and comforting words:
"At least he felt the wind on his wings and soared the skies."
The skies over Rochester will always be a little brighter because Bronx graced them, if only for a short while.
5  Member Activities / Events / Re: Watcher's Weekend 2015 on: 23-Jun-15, 10:30:31 pm
Carla P here.  I'll be there.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
6  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcons History / Re: Mariah on: 22-May-11, 03:38:50 am

One day last year we were recalling our favorite Mariah stories, and I remember you telling me about Mariah and Isaura.  You said that it was while watching her gently nudge her daughter toward the nestbox that you fell in love with Mariah!  And while you were telling the story, you were still in awe of the "best mom ever" and we both had tears in our eyes.
Long Live The Queen, wherever she wanders... Sad  crying  wub2

Carla P
7  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Unity & Archer at KP - Pictures.............. on: 17-May-11, 11:51:12 am

Good one, Margaret   2thumbsup

Carla P

After listening to the news this morning, perhaps Archer's name is really "Arnold"!
8  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Let it Be a Peaceful Easter Sunday for the Rochester Falcons on: 24-Apr-11, 09:30:03 am
What Jeanne said!!!  I keep my fingers crossed for  a peaceful Easter every year!!
Carol, if Brian calls, DON'T ANSWER!!!
9  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Information on and discussion of recent events on: 09-Apr-11, 09:53:45 pm
Well, I've been told my whole life that I'm too trusting and far too willing to give everyone (PeFas included, I guess) the benefit of the doubt.  So Archer's a Don Juan, but then...
maybe he's only cheating on Beauty to keep Lady PeFa content and out of downtown! True altruism!!!
10  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Pictures from the Rfalconcam cameras on: 09-Apr-11, 09:45:50 pm
Hi Margaret, I think I met you last year at the Fledge Watch meeting (?)  I was out every day until the beginning of July when I retired into "Lurkdom" while caring for my Mom.  Thanks for your nice note, and I hope to see you soon.
The GOOD news:  I'm retiring on May 13th (Yes, Friday the 13th!)
The BAD news: Too late... My daughter Katya IS an English teacher !!!!!
11  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Pictures from the Rfalconcam cameras on: 09-Apr-11, 08:14:02 pm
Donna is here?  In Rochester??  Donna who is not addicted???  Donna who never leaves her house????
This news is ALMOST as exciting as Beauty's 2nd egg!!!!!!  This is my sign to retire from lurking... I must meet this woman.  I will see you all tomorrow.  Oh, happy, happy day!!!!!!
Carla P
12  Member Activities / Auctions and Sales for Fundraising / Re: 2011 Calendar of the Rochester Peregrine Falcons on: 21-Nov-10, 06:36:30 pm
YES, Shaky, I did realize that. I ordered it because I forgot to when it came out! I thought they were still available, since they were still showing on the website. I see now that I wrote 2010 for the new PeFa calendars, clearly a mistake on the part of my feeble mind; I meant 2011. 
I wanted yours for the pictures, not the calendar year.
I apologize for any confusion I may have caused. stupid

Carla P.
13  Member Activities / Auctions and Sales for Fundraising / Re: 2011 Calendar of the Rochester Peregrine Falcons on: 21-Nov-10, 02:05:24 pm
 oops Zazzle owes me for Shaky's 2010 calendar!  I placed an order on 10/23/10: two (2) 2010 Rochester PeFas calendars; two (2) Rochester PeFas mousepads; one (1) 2010 Shakymon calendar.
I received the mousepads and 2010 PeFas calendars, but not Shaky's.  Now I know why!!!  Zazzle did, however, charge me for Shaky's calendar.  ???
I did save my online purchase confirmation, so hopefully I can straighten this out. OR... maybe Shaky can whip up a 2010 calendar just for me   hysterical

Carla P.
14  Member Activities / Auctions and Sales for Fundraising / Re: 2011 Calendar of the Rochester Peregrine Falcons on: 20-Nov-10, 09:20:40 am
Hello all!

I wasn't sure where to post this, but I wanted to say that I just received my 2011 PeFa calendars, and I'm (almost!) speechless.  This calendar took my breath away; the Rochester Falconcam team outdid itself with this one!!!  The photos, all taken by our Watchers, are just incredible.  With each turn of the page, I had a new favorite.  The heavy duty paper is perfect for future print framing, and descriptions/credits are listed on the back cover, leaving each month's photo a sight to behold, unencumbered with words.  (This format gave us the added "bonus" of guessing the identity of the Falcon(s) in each photo!)

Thank you, Team.  And for all the Falcon fans, two words of advice...

Carla P.

15  Rochester Falcons / Falcon Watches / Re: Twitter on: 23-Oct-10, 10:45:27 am
Carol P. "The unbanded juvie Peregrine in Irondequoit was very light colored.  I believe she was a female and she looked alot like Aura.  A blondie blond.  Gorgeous!" 

Hi everyone.
I saw this juvie yesterday!!  I was going to visit my Mom at the Episcopal Church Home during my lunch hour, and just as I was crossing the Ford Street Bridge, I saw gulls and pigeons dispersing in all directions, with an extremely light colored PeFa in hot pursuit.  I've never seen such a "blondie
blonde" and thought perhaps I was mistaken as to the species.  But she (?) sure looked like a Pefa!
Thanks Carol, for giving me hope that my mind isn't completely gone - YET!!!
Miss you all,
Carla P.
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