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First Hatch for Archer and Beauty

We’ve had the first hatch of 2010, just a little after 3PM Rochester time. In the picture above you can see the fresh pink skin and white hair-like feathers of the eyas which has just emerged from its egg shell. It’s damp and blind right now, and the newly hatched chick can’t regulate its own body heat, so Beauty will be covering the eyas to keep it warm and dry on this damp Rochester afternoon.

Almost 400 viewers got to watch the hatching live, as it happened. If you weren’t one of them, you still have a chance to catch the other two eggs hatching. Just tune into the Rochester Falconcam’s Live Video Stream, and you too can join the fun while we wait for the other two eggs to hatch!

One Response to “First Hatch for Archer and Beauty”

  1. Kathy G Says:

    I was watching the streaming and switched to main camera and saw at 3:03! So cool! You couldn’t really see from the streming view and we were so lucky. Thanks for providing us with this opportunity

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