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Beauty & Dot.ca’s First Egg has Arrived!

Beauty Laid her First Egg at 9:24 am Monday Morning (3/29/21)

At 9:24 am this morning, Beauty laid her first egg in the Times Square Bldg nest box! With all the stress she has been under over the last few days, due to a 3rd falcon attempting to take over her territory, this was a very welcome sight!

Beauty and Dot.ca on High Alert for the Intruder Yesterday 3/28/21

Here’s a video from Falcon Watcher Dana showing the arrival of the first egg from the Rfalconcam Streaming Video. Enjoy!

Please welcome Beauty & Dot.ca’s first egg of 2021!

One Response to “Beauty & Dot.ca’s First Egg has Arrived!”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Wonderful film, Dana. How quickly the egg dries in the chill wind.

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