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Our 4th Egg Arrives on a Beautiful Warm Day!

UF entered the nest box, chasing UT out. It was time to lay egg #4!

It didn’t take very long. UF stood with her tail into the corner, making it hard to see her deliver her 4th.

Mostly standing motionless, with just a few little shimmies, her new egg arrived at approx 12:08 pm.

Will there be a 5th? Stay tuned!

Please check out the previous Imprints for instructions on how to vote for UF’s and UT’s new names!

One Response to “Our 4th Egg Arrives on a Beautiful Warm Day!”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    After the first egg took so long to make its appearance, I was ready for long labor for each succeeding egg, but no, UF shoots these out with the greatest of ease. And she is so relaxed about it. Showing up less then a hour before the happy event!
    I am not really wanting a fifth for their first brood here, but if she so decides, it would be some time Wednesday night.

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