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Introducing Our New Rochester Falcons Nova & Neander!

Nova & Neander

Since our new pair arrived, we’ve been calling them UF for Unbanded Falcon (female) and UT for Unbanded Tiercel (male). Well, it’s about time they received their new names.

After a week of intense voting, our Rochester Falcon Fans have chosen their favorite names from a list of names submitted by the Rochester Falcon Watchers. We received 533 votes! Thank you!

UF will now be known as Nova and UT will now be called Neander. These names were chosen by Rochester Falcon Watcher Linda King. Congratulations Linda!

Please join us in welcoming Nova and Neander!


8 Responses to “Introducing Our New Rochester Falcons Nova & Neander!”

  1. Carla Provenzano Says:

    Congratulations, Linda. I LOVE these names! 💗💙

  2. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Wonderfully meaningful names. Thank-you, Linda. Now if only all those 500 + people could like our YouTube channel;-)
    I will probably shorten them to Nova and Nean, or No, Ne:-D

  3. Kathy Says:

    Congratulations Linda, these are great names and very fitting for the new couple. Long may they reign!

  4. dumpsterkitty Says:

    Fabulous names! Thank you Linda for wonderful suggestions!

  5. Gail Says:

    From the falcon fans in Kalamazoo – Congrats on the new pair, and eggs, and great new names!

  6. Carol P. Says:

    There were so many great suggestions. It was really hard to choose. Congrats Linda for the choices of Nova and Neander!

  7. Lynne A Heroux Says:

    Thanks Linda! Great names!!

  8. Judy Says:


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