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76  Support / Help! / Re: Falcon Watch on: 08-Feb-10, 01:27:35 pm
But I am a local falcon watcher.  Does this mean my post don't matter.  ???

So people can only see my watch reports in Rochester Falconcam Discussions??  confused
77  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Lunch Time Falcon Watch on: 08-Feb-10, 01:20:09 pm
I had a 3 falcon lunch!! Cheesy   Beauty was perched on Midtown Plaza southeast lower level.  Then I headed out to see the South Side falcons.  They were both perched on the south side of the building, on the east wing.  The male on the top window preening himself.  And the female to the left one floor below him.   Cool

Lisa McK
78  Support / Help! / Falcon Watch on: 08-Feb-10, 01:11:07 pm
How come I can't post my falcon watch in the Falcon Watches section?
79  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Owl Prowl on Super Bowl Sunday on: 08-Feb-10, 12:03:17 pm
The South Side falcons are the pair seen at the old "looney bin". crazy

The building in not 100% secure so I don't want to reveal its location on a public board.  We saw falcons there last year, remember..... Beauty was there before she went downtown. 
stupid  Get the hints!!   Wink

80  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Owl Prowl on Super Bowl Sunday on: 08-Feb-10, 09:24:20 am
I decided this past Sunday would be the perfect evening for an owl prowl.  Before leaving the city I stopped to look for the South Side falcons.  I found both falcons on the same window ledge at the top floor of the building on the south side of the east wing.  A successful short watch, hopefully this was the prelude to a great owl prowl.

I arrived at the location south of Rochester about 4:45 p.m.  The sun was shining bright and I started to look for birds.  Usually one can see numerous Northern Harriers in the area during the daylight hours and the Short Eared Owls come out at dusk.  I drove around the country block once and ran into a birdwatching group that was watching Snowing Buntings and Horned Larks.  On my way back around the block I had a Red Tail Hawk fly just over my car.  So far that was the highlight of the watch.

I caught back up with the birdwatching group and one person thought they saw an owl fly into the tall grass.  We all watched for a few minutes when suddenly a Harrier appeared just above the tall grass.  Well it wasn't an owl, but at least it was a Harrier.  I proceeded to drive around the block again. 

I came back to the road where the Short Eared Owls are typically seen, and was at the top of a hill when I saw two objects flying in front of me just as dusk had arrived.  I stopped the car and sure enough they were OWLS!!!  2thumbsup

I looked to my left and there were five owls landing and flying around a tree in the middle of the field.  I watch these five owls and until they flew away.  There were owls to my left and owls to my right.  They were all around me.  I was in heaven for this 10-15 minute show. angel

My first owl prowl in a long time and it was awesome.

Lisa McK
81  Member Activities / Events / Re: Montezuma Muck Race on: 27-Aug-09, 01:56:05 pm

Do I meet up with you and Don to bird together or do I go by myself?  If we are birding together, just let me know where and when?

I can't wait.  I have always wanted to do this.

Lisa McK.
82  Member Activities / Events / Re: Montezuma Muck Race on: 21-Aug-09, 10:30:51 am
Please sign me up as a member of your team.  I would love to join you for this event.  Please send me an email ( with info on where to meet you and Don.  I should be a lot of fun.

Lisa McK.
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