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46  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Falcon's Eye View of Rochester on: 25-Jan-10, 08:51:43 am
It is great for people like me, who´ve never been in R
47  Member Activities / Pets / Re: Falcon Watcher's Pets on: 24-Jan-10, 04:09:32 pm
Beautiful cat, Mirta.  Does she have an all-white body?

Patricia in Florida

All white except the tail and a big circle in the right side of her body. Those are the same color of her head marks
She is the real owner of my house...
48  Member Activities / Pets / Re: Falcon Watcher's Pets on: 23-Jan-10, 03:03:12 pm
This is my last Nacha´s portrait.
Hope you like it!
49  Member Activities / Birthdays / Re: Happy Birthday Mirta on: 16-Jan-10, 10:45:14 am
Love the cards and all the messages. Thanks!
We spent a very warm day in front of the sea and swimming with family and friends.
And today I received a very apreciated gift: the new internet server!!
So I will try to upload some pictures I´ve taken in our beach during sunsets. We´ve always got amazing and long lasting sunsets
Hope it works and you enjoy them
50  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: Mirta - We NEED Some Warm Images on: 11-Jan-10, 08:53:01 am
I´m having problems with my server, can´t upload pictures as usual, so I´m waiting for a new internet service conection the following days... (or weeks??)  Sad
Asap I will show some "warm" pictures"!!
51  Member Activities / Vacations and Holidays / Re: My holiday wish for all of you on: 25-Dec-09, 04:41:59 pm
love your card!
Thanks, and my best wishes for all of you!
52  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: Fred Vickers -- the oldest member of k/rfalconcam... on: 25-Dec-09, 02:08:27 pm
I´m been very busy these days and could´t come here to read the messages
My deepest sympathies to you and all of yours
I was glad when you told me Fred enjoyed my pictures from penguins and Antarctica. Even we never were in contact directly, I felt him an important falcon friend
A very big hug
53  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: My punk neighbor on: 09-Dec-09, 06:34:11 pm
What a Sweetie.  How big is he ?  Thanks for sharing Mirta.

well, I believe 45cm more or less, a little smaller than its father
54  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / My punk neighbor on: 09-Dec-09, 09:42:30 am
yesterday the first chick from the black vultures that nest inside a metallic cube close to my house took the first jump to see the world outside.
I love its punk hairdo!!
55  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: California Condors to feather new nest in Idaho on: 09-Dec-09, 09:25:33 am
56  Member Activities / Pets / Re: Prayers needed for my little Ozzie on: 09-Dec-09, 06:33:21 am
It is so hard when these things happen...
My heart is with you
57  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Guanacos in Monte Leon NP, Santa Cruz. (Patagonia, Argentina) on: 14-Nov-09, 08:43:17 am
During my trip to Rio Gallegos, the  most southern city of my country in its continental land, I visited  Monte Leon National Park. It was the windiest day possible, blowing more than 100km/hour... but we enjoyed the same, even it was almost impossible to take pictures... We saw plenty of guanacos (Lama guanicoe), penguins, seabirds but the star was a puma! (or mountain lion). It was in a hill, at 30 meters from us. He saw us with surprise (the same feeling that all of us felt!!) and calmly started to move in front of our minibus, crossing the road, stopped again to watch us and climbing a small hill, giving us a last look. We were frozen,  Shocked nobody took a picture!! There are plenty of pumas in the park, and there are signs to keep the visitors aware of them, but we´ve never imagined we could see one so close! It was a dream to see this amazing vey big cat!
At the visitor center, a small guanaco (we named them "chulengos") that was saved after his mother was killed by a car outside the park was waiting to "play" with people. He is a male and start to jump and push everyone... The rangers have tried several times to move him with the wild ones at the park, but like a boomerang, he has always found the way home again...
Let me introduce you "Chule", the chulengo or little guanaco and a few wild ones
58  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Pride Campaige for red knots in San Antonio Oeste on: 05-Nov-09, 08:47:46 pm
Thanks for the update and the pictures Mirta.  I am assuming (please correct me if I'm wrong) that the ocean is the Atlantic?

Yes , it is. That beach is in San Antonio Bay in San Matias Gulf, en the north of Patagonia.
59  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Pride Campaige for red knots in San Antonio Oeste on: 05-Nov-09, 12:31:26 pm
Perhaps some of you remember that we have started last year a Pride Campaign with Rare Conservation in behalf of red knots with the aim to prevent the disturbs that ATV made on beaches. Well, last week we had the first public activity, an ECOART day on Mar Grande beach, one of the key places to red knots during their migration.
With the help of an art teacher, students in the last year of highschool on one of our colleges, create huge art messages: an oystercatcher nest destroyed by an ATV, a red knot made with garbage they found on the beach, America made of seaweeds sorrounded by caring youngs, and more...
If you want to see more pictures and have a Facebook account, visit "Playero Rojizo" site, or visit my facebook page (look for "Mirta Carbajal").
We are very proud of those youngs and their work!  star   2thumbsup
60  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: Stupid Sports on: 03-Nov-09, 10:28:12 am
There is un update today about the bat situation:
He has started the rabies shots and talked a little about the value of bats.
Hope everyone listen to him now...
I´ve written him asking for his help talking facts about bats and rabies... We will see...
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