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1486  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Website News / Re: Testing a new way to display our camera views on: 10-May-10, 09:45:57 am
it looks good!   I can switch cameras quickly.   It will be great when the eggs hatch.
1487  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Offspring / Re: Seneca Sighted at Brookpark Road Bridge with a Mate! on: 28-Apr-10, 01:56:15 pm
Jim - I just clicked on the link you have to the Cleveland Museum, and then I clicked on the falconcam, and got right to it.  I am not part of the forum there, but I just viewed the live pics of the nest and the incubating family.
1488  Member Activities / Pets / Re: Please check out my new website.............. on: 27-Apr-10, 02:04:10 pm
Beautuiful dogs, but even greater photography!  Good luck to you, Dawn!   My favorites are the group shot in the "beach dogs"  and the two dogs running with one stick in their mouths.   Just dogs being dogs! Wonderful!
1489  Member Activities / Auctions and Sales for Fundraising / Re: Shopping to support RFC on: 16-Apr-10, 02:46:12 pm
 happy To answer your question about the Zazzle tee shirts, they have a number of styles.  Click on the style and you can view it front and back and there is a size chart for each of the styles.  I just noticed the Quest tee and ordered one a few minutes ago.   If there is a problem with size etc., they are great with exchanges. Check out the back of the tee, it lists all the places Quest has visited since she hatched in 2008.  Great idea Rfalconcam team!   Keep those ideas coming! 
1490  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Change guard on: 16-Apr-10, 08:25:39 am
 happy clap
You have to admire the fortitude of these birds as they "change guard" on the eggs.  And Archer appears to be so tiny.   I don't remember Kaver with an egg under his wing and having such a tough time with the eggs  as the pic of Archer shows.  But he's doing a great job!  Four eggs!  Wonderful.  May both Beauty and Archer  (and all the people  keeping in eye on things)  keep the eggs safe.
1491  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / Re: Archer on main cam on: 14-Apr-10, 02:08:56 pm

(I've read that the watchers think she is bigger than Mariah was)

The watchers think she is bigger than Mariah is.

Yes, thank you for the "IS".  Mariah "IS"  !   
1492  Rochester Falcons / Falcon Watches / Re: Third Falcon sighted on: 14-Apr-10, 09:21:54 am
Are there any watchers out who maybe can ID the third falcon? 
1493  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcons News / Re: Beauty Lays Egg #3 on: 13-Apr-10, 09:41:50 am
 happy clap Yaaaayyy!  For Beauty and Archer and the third egg.  I missed it too, but am thrilled to see her resting now.
If brooding does begin now, what timeline are we looking at for hatching?  For fledging?  For banding?  Does anyone have an estimate?   Will heat be a factor in the safety/health of eggs and hatchlings? 
I viewed Kodak cam and M and K for years, but I really feel like I'm right "there"  with these two.  The camera view is fantastic! 
1494  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Rochester Falcons Mentioned on Local News on: 12-Apr-10, 07:25:14 pm
Congratulations and thank you to all of you who do such a wonderful job!  I saw the articles in this morning's D and C, and have seen the WHAM 13  reports.  It's great to see our falcons in the news and to bring them to the attention of more people. 
I appreciate all the reports. 
1495  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Pictures from the Rfalconcam cameras on: 08-Apr-10, 03:07:51 pm
 clap clap clap clap clap

...and what a BEAUTY-FUL  egg it is!    I've spent the last two days glued to the camera, but I was logged off for this.   She did it in her own time.  We now have a M and K  great grandbird egg!
Life is good!
1496  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / Re: Falcon in nestbox. on: 08-Apr-10, 08:12:33 am
...PF in nest box, from the bands, it looks like Beauty happy
1497  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Pictures from the Rfalconcam cameras on: 07-Apr-10, 01:59:33 pm
 clap happy
The egg and the "droppings" come from the same "vent" or cloaca  on a bird.  My sun conure, Winnie-bird, laid close to 150 eggs in her 18 years of life, and I always could tell when she was going to lay. She would get "droopy and fluffed" as Beauty was yesterday, and the droppings would be extra large.  Interestingly, she would never "drop" where the eggs were.  I agree with an earlier post from today..."she's making us all crazy".   But aren't we fortunate to be able to peak in on these wonderful creatures?
1498  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Pictures from the Rfalconcam cameras on: 07-Apr-10, 12:02:33 pm
Thank you!   
1499  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Pictures from the Rfalconcam cameras on: 07-Apr-10, 11:50:53 am
Good time to ask my question. Can you refresh my (our) memory about the genealogy  of Archer and Beauty.   I know both showed up last year, but I need a refresher :-)
I know we're not sure if they had a nest last year,  so will this be first successful mating if indeed it does succeed?  ...and we are all hoping that it will!  Come on Beauty, lay that egg!
1500  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / Re: 11:44AM Beauty in the nestbox on: 05-Apr-10, 12:05:08 pm
Looking at the camera views this morning, I think we're going to have an egg today!   Yes! 
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