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1  Member Activities / Birthdays / Re: Yarak's birthday is July 30 on: 27-Jul-14, 04:40:31 PM
Yarak and the Forum will be 5.
my time flies

Thank you Shaky for all you do  notworthy
2  Member Activities / Birthdays / Re: Yarak's birthday is July 30 on: 26-Jul-14, 12:05:50 PM
aww Happy Birthday Yarak  clap

 secret2 How old is he?
3  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Voyager's Lessons for Us All on: 26-Jul-14, 11:36:26 AM

Last year I had the privilege of naming one of the baby falcons at the Times Square Building in Rochester NY.
The name I chose for her was 'Voyager'. To me, it emphasized the adventurous nature of the peregrine falcon, and the best in spirit of people when they are moving forward with life to whatever our destiny is.
I learned today, that as often happens in nature, Voyager had to be euthanized in Canada after an apparently savage battle.
One in five peregrines makes it to year two. Voyager did not make it, but in her time, I'm sure, she carried on the spirit of the peregrine, and contributed her part in this recovering species' proud legacy and awesome future.
  I to am very sorry for your loss,
You will be missed, Voyager.  Fly free   crying darn it anyhow I so wanted you to make it
4  Rochester Falcons / Rfalconcam Now / girls on NB roof boys in cave on: 07-Jul-14, 09:32:32 PM
think B makes em come home? bc
5  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Feeding chart 2014 on: 07-Jul-14, 09:20:23 PM
I'm impressed that continued to feed as long as he did.
he would have done a lot more but he was not allowed,  Wink he's a good dad
6  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: Mercury in Retrograde on: 29-Jun-14, 12:41:12 PM
Barb in WLA mentioned that on social stream last night...

I was talking to Barb last night and she said she will be blaming Mercury Retrograde for everything that goes wrong until July 1st when it ends! I think I will too!  silly
well that explains the last couple of weeks  crazy
7  Anything Else / Totally OT / Re: Just venting on: 29-Jun-14, 12:22:49 PM
I cannot get a decent wifi signal at my desk. My hotspot is connecting at the equivalent of a 56K modem. The one office I can go to that will improve the situation is in use for meetings all stinkin' day long. AND BOTH BOYS HAVE FLEDGED!

OK-vent over-I will catch up later...
on the bright side at least you are allowed to look at work, because of others where I work we have all been cut off
8  Other Nature Related Information / Raptor Web Cams / Re: Brookfield Maine Eagle Cam on: 29-Jun-14, 12:17:27 PM
Thanks Kris
9  Other Nature Related Information / Raptor Web Cams / Re: Brookfield Maine Eagle Cam on: 28-Jun-14, 10:22:29 PM
any news has the eaglet been fed?  Sad
10  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Offspring / Re: Stormin' - Yonge & Eglinton (Rhea Mae and Tiago's little one!) on: 26-Jun-14, 10:06:06 PM
Doesn't sound good for Stormin that this Malik is raising Stormin's kids.   Sad
but at least Malik didnt destroy the eggs when he took over. hope we see Stormin again
11  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Offspring / Re: Linn (2007) & Reuben - Scarborough/Yellow Pages on: 24-Jun-14, 05:33:08 AM
makes sense, had me confused thanks for clearing it up.
12  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Offspring / Re: Linn (2007) & Reuben - Scarborough/Yellow Pages on: 23-Jun-14, 07:26:59 PM
foster parents? so the chicks aren't theirs?
13  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: 2014 Pictures from the Rfalconcam Cameras on: 11-Jun-14, 10:05:26 PM
That is not a duck is it???  Sad
looks like a baby duck but can't tell for sure
14  Rochester Falcons / Rochester Falcon Discussion / Re: Banding & Naming Questions on: 11-Jun-14, 09:39:18 PM
Why not hold the banding outside at a local park only a short distance from the Times Square Building. Then most of the issues go away .  I know you all are on some kind of time clock to get them out banded and back but is that really necessary since they are older and hardy compared to the 10 day old eyas being transported for fostering into nest boxes across states and who bounce back very well.. I'm sure a short transport wouldn't harm or stress the little ones any further if they were kept hydrated. Not across the county but just blocks away to a staging area. I can picture Watchers in their matching tees with placards holding back the masses. Was the last public banding the first time Beauty had offspring after our Kaver and Mariah disappeared? Maybe that stirred up more of a frenzied interest. Are their public bandings in Canada or out west held anywhere else off site from the nesting area?
Then again there's always the exception Tesh   surprise Never seen an eyas down on their back for a half hour .. That's really one for the record books lol

in my opinion I'd rather watch it on camera than take any chance of something happening to an eyas, this sounds like a bad idea to me.
15  Other Nature Related Information / General Nature Discussion / Re: Cabin John (MD) Falcons, 2014 on: 08-Jun-14, 10:02:10 PM
What a shame. I've always enjoyed following them through you.

We've seen quite a few nests minimally successful this year. I suspect some of the more established pairs are reaching the end of their breeding life, though they are still strong enough to hold their territories. Probably some change-overs on the horizon...
or there is a new as of yet unidentified threat in the environment causing problems
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