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Gallery – Rhea Mae in Toronto

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

Rhea Mae in Toronto
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Linda Woods of the Canadian Peregrine Foundation provided this picture of Rhea Mae, one of Mariah and Kaver’s 2006 offspring. As we reported in a recent post, Rhea Mae has taken up residence on the Downtown Sheraton hotel in Toronto, Canada. It appears that she has displaced the previous female, Wind, and she and the resident male Tiago have been observed exhibiting courtship behaviors such as bowing to each other and flying together.

Rhea Mae Close-up ID Band

Another shot from Linda provides an unmistakable look at the ID band which allowed our Canadian friends to positively identify Rhea Mae. You can also see the remnants of some of her brown juvenile feathers on her wings.

Rhea Mae #3
Photo by Linda Woods

Over the Labor Day holiday Rochester Falconcam team members Marcia Lyman, Lisa McKeown, Dana Mulhern, Kathy Olney, Joyce Miller & Carol Phillips (who named Rhea Mae in 2006) made the 2½ hour drive from Rochester to Toronto for an in-person look at Rhea Mae. Hosted by Linda Woods, they spent a couple of days observing and photographing Rhea Mae. Carol sends us this report of the trip, along with many pictures of Rhea Mae and Tiago. Fans of the Rochester falcons who joined us in 2006 will recall that Rhea Mae was the last of Mariah and Kaver’s three offspring to fledge. She went on to be a great flyer though, and we’re glad to see that she’s thriving and has found a territory of her own. We’re looking forward to news of her in the future, and we hope that she and Tiago will go on to raise many families of their own.


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