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4 – See What Quest’s Week Has Been Like

View Quest’s Week in a larger map

In addition to the weekly maps of Quest’s travels, we thought you might like to see where she’s going from day to day. We’ve created a new map to chronicle the most recent seven days’ of data that we have for her. It’s color coded, just like our weekly maps.

The colored falcon icons show Quest’s location over the past seven days. Here’s the color order, from most newest to oldest date:
Red: One day ago
Magenta: Two days ago
Purple: Three days ago
Blue: Four days ago
Green: Five days ago
Brown: Six days ago
Black: Seven days ago

Every day we’ll post her newest location and remove the oldest. On those occasional days where we don’t receive new map locations for her, we may wait a day to update the map, or we may show data points that span a period longer than seven days. We’ll try to keep up with her globetrotting on a daily basis, so let us know what you think about this newest glimpse into a young Peregrine’s life!

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